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Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

We are here to tell you the tips with regard to the smokey eye makeup, we have seen and noticed that most of the girls do not know how to get perfect and best looking smokey eyes, in this post, we will be telling and highlighting some of the fruitful tips and tactics that will be telling you how to get done with the smokey eye makeup!

Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

In order to get smokey eyes, you need the following items:

  • Concealer
  • Foundation
  • Eye shadows
  • Eye makeup supplies
  • Mascara
  • Eye liner
  • Eye lashes

In the first step, you have to make sure that you have all the items to have smokey eyes. In order to get best and perfect looking eyes, first take a concealer and put few drops of it in and around of your eyes. The application of the concealer and the foundation will remove all the dark circles and black spots in and around of your eyes. You have to confirm that you have done the application of concealer in a correct way. The most important part to get smokey eyes is the blending of the 3 eye shadows, you have to first take the lighter eye shadow, then the medium eye shadow and in the last, take the darker eye shadow, Make sure that all the 3 eye shadows match well with each other so that blending of these eye shadows can be carried on in a correct way.

In the smokey eyes, we have seen that edges should be the most prominent one, you have to see that your edges are prominent, if they are not looking that much sharp enough then do more blending on that area! Moving on with the eye liner and mascara part, there are many shapes which you can make with an eye liner. You can either have a thin line of an eye liner on your eyes or you can have thick shape. It is totally up to you! If you have shorter eye lashes then you can also put up artificial eye lashes, this will further enhance the look of your eyes.

This is whole from the smokey eye makeup! Try out this method and you will see that to get smokey eyes is so easy! Try out this method step by step and get hot smokey eyes right away!

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