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Smokey eye makeup tutorial

This mesmerizing look was inspired by the “heyday” of the summer. The perfect look to add a little warmth to your look or for fun on a rainy day.

Products used: None listed

Makeup Geek Alternative: Lemon Drop or Yellow Brick Road, Mango Tango, Muffin, Latte, gangster, Immortal

Pat effect of lemon drop, sweet yellow brick road to within 3/4 of the eye.
Magdalena ouer scanning in the third and in the fold lines mixing hard.
Use Mango Tango to darken the outer v
Place under the eye Latte.
Flotation in line with the mafia.
Create a dramatic effect on the wings of the upper eyelashes with Immortal.
Place 3 points under the wing of the outer corner of the eye.
Apply yellow as used in the inner corner.
Eyelashes, add eyelashes and mascara
smokey eye makeup tutorial



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