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Smooth legs: 5 expert advice for hair removal hair

Before drawing our summer dresses and skirts, we need to clear up any junk and hunt. A challenge that our five pros waxing the hair will help you meet …

1. scrub and shower gel blanket with Janik The Carer, training manager at Mary Cohr
“If the client performs two scrubs a week, it will be much less ingrown hairs. refine its grain This skin and prepare it for waxing …

The body care is also very important: it is necessary to use a good shower gel, not something that strips first prize and does not neutralize hard water. Plus a good moisturizer that will allow the hair to be soft, to be lubricated skin before waxing … As for the wax used, it must be a premium resin that sticks to the hair but not the skin ”

2. Hot wax + gesture painkiller Alhéritière with Roxane, beautician Beauty Beauty Institute Sweetness
“I recommend the traditional wax, the so-called hot wax, preferably based on rosin (that proposed by institute) because it is much better that they sell in the market.

It is very soft and elastic, can pull the hair more depth, which suddenly pushes slower … And I have a little magical gesture to ease the pain: as soon as we removed the wax strip, you press your hand on the waxed area. That the shorts. This is great for legs, bikini line, underarms … and gentlemen! ”

3. Tips hotspots with Maréva Brettes, Product Manager Acorelle, laboratories ODYSUD
“For a hair goes well, you must wait until the hair is relatively long. Do not apply oil or first milk, which would complicate the operation.

Side product, we must rely for the legs, on the eastern wax that is placed in the direction of growth. Removing the tape in the opposite direction, pulling itself and not upwards. For sensitive areas, type swimsuit or armpits, we opt for the wax pot resin, talc on the area before starting and a hard yank ”

4. Benefits of Threading Derya, beautician specialized
“For the face, including the eyebrows, I recommend waxing over because it does not pull the skin, it creates no irritation, allergies and long term, no risk of loosening tissue as can be observed when these areas depilated with wax. Moreover, this technique can be done on any hair, even very short.

On the body, caramel hair removal is great, especially if the esthetician has a good hand. After waxing, I recommend applying oil to the orange blossom, which has a soothing effect and disinfectant. Do not hesitate then to recover at home. ”

5. The pulsed light hair removal easy with Sabrina Creton, project manager Remington
“For hair removal pulsed light works well, it is imperative to shave the area before. Then placed the handset in contact with skin and down two inches after each” flash “.

After the first three sessions conducted at fifteen days interval then every six months, the hair grows back less dense, thinner to almost disappear. If you have hair that grows back in some places between sessions, you can flash a localized manner … Finally, the cost of the device is quickly recovered, especially when compared to what is spent by being splinter institute. ”
Smooth legs 5 expert advice for hair removal hair

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