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Solutions to fight against oily hair

Why are they your hair greasy?

If adolescence, no individual is immune from the phenomenon of greasy hair, in adulthood, one in four women still faced this problem.

The result, very unsightly, returns an image of hair dirty and in poor health, which is why we must act. In general, because the hair is oily scalp produces too much sebum.

The causes can be many: the hormonal imbalance, stress, tiredness , bad shampoos or inadequate care, a diet too rich in fat or unbalanced … are all possible explanations.

How to maintain hair greasy faster?

Against oily hair, we must act locally and depth. First, neutralize the psychological causes (stress, anxiety …) and take a balanced lifestyle (eating healthy, going to bed at regular hours …).

It is then necessary to choose a suitable shampoo his hair problem : either an “anti-oily hair”, a super-soft neutral pH for frequent use. This type of shampoo allows you to wash your hair as often as you feel you need it (every day if you want!) Without damaging them.

Cleaning should be fast, light massage with small amounts of product and without rest. The rinsing is preferably with cold water and drying in air. For styling, use a plastic comb (not iron!).

Mistakes to avoid

– Avoid shampoos for babies or children who are so gentle but moisturizing greasing!

– When washing, forget too tonic massages where you scratch your scalp with your fingernails, as this further stimulates the production of sebum.

– Avoid using very hot water when you wash your hair.

– Do shampoo one day.

– Do not dry the hair roots by rubbing with a towel or a hair dryer, failing once again to stimulate the production of sebum.

– Forget gels and other styling products that will only lubricate your hair more!

The right thing

– Take dietary supplements for oily hair zinc, vitamin B6.

– Choose fruits and vegetables in your diet.

– Make hair masks to green clay once a week.

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