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Special Ghagra Choli collection for special Brides

One of the main reasons of huge popularity of the ghagra choli is that they are covered up with the varieties of cuts and styles that make the whole clothing exceptional looking by the end of the day. Ghagra Cholis are named out to be one of the traditional based clothing for Indian women. The origin of bridal ghagra cholis have been taken from the ancient Rajasthani bridal creation. It is all filled up with the appearances of the choli or the blouse that is worn on the upper part of the dress, the lehenga or the skirt is all placed at the bottom part of the dress and the dress completed by means of a dupatta.

Famous Cuts Of Bridal Ghagra Choli:

Following are some of the main cuts that are famously known inside the ghagra choli:

  1. Lehengas with a Straight Cut:

                               On the first we have choli with the straight cut! It is known out to be one of the most famous ones inside the Indian women brides. The women make the best choice of this form of clothing style in favor o the traditional occasions, festive seasons and for wedding. It can suits out to be best for all body type. In such clothing the lehega or the pants are set with the parallel appearance that is all flowing down the body. It helps out in giving away the slimming effect.

  1. Panelled Lehenga:

On the next of the ghagra choli we have the cut of panelled ones! They are known out to be trendy and set with the unique form of styling as well. It will going to help the brides to come into view as fall and flare. This clothing is all set with the use of various colors but thepanels arestitched together. It would going to look best for the brides who are tall and fair.

  1. Circular Lehenga:

                  Circular lehenga is even known as being one of the famous cuts in the ghagra choli clothing! This style of dress is one of the favorite choices for the brides who have lean physique and thin figure. It will going to prominent the curves.

  1. Mermaid or Fish Tailed Lehenga Choli:

                                 On the last we have mermaid or fish tail lehenga choli! It is known as favorite because it is stylish and chic looking. The main designing is done on the bottom part of the dress or the lehenga has is all added with the tight fitting at the waist and it opens up at the bottom. It is one of the favorite for the women on the occassions during Navratri and Diwali.

Which one are your favorite Ghagra choli cuts?

Special Ghagra Choli collection for special Brides

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