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Split Ends? Your hair? … no more!

Split Ends? Your hair? ... no more!

Women’s Mood Today we give you some tips to prevent split ends of your hair .
If your hair weak, brittle or mistreated, the tips also suffer. How to avoid it? Today we give you 10 tips!

1 – Get a haircut every 6-8 weeks. All hairs are damaged over time. This will eliminate split ends, keep your hair strong and healthy.
2 – Do not try to cut the split ends yourself!
3 – Stay away as much as possible of chemicals
4 – When you go to the pool, protect your hair with a cap
5 – Use a suitable brush, without damaging your hair
6 – Protect your hair from UV rays
7 – Wash only the scalp and let the hair down on the back
8 – Apply conditioning treatment regularly
9 – Eat a balanced diet to get the vitamins and proteins required for healthy hair
10 – chamomile homemade mask. You put 1 liter of water and some chamomile leaves on fire. Let boil until it is concentrated. Expecting begins to cool. Wash the ends of your role with the preparation. In addition, wet a towel and stand for about 20 minutes. Try it!

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