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Split fingernails – Causes and Treatment

Split nails can have various causes. However, with proper treatment, the nails look beautiful and healthy again.

Most people look first to manicured hands.The emergence of Cleaved fingernails can have different causes.On the one hand it may be the wrong care of your nails, so some basic rules apply: You should not cut your nails, but from the edge to the middle nail polish.When using hot detergent you should make sure that you wear gloves.There may also be frequent painting and using nail polish remover favor split fingernails.To brittle nails to regain supple, there are special oils that you should have a daily massage into the strained nails.Also special creams that are both hands, as well as care for nails, in addition.

Also, poor diet may be the cause
Split nails can also occur due to poor diet.The nail consists mainly of keratin, a protein specific form, so you should look for a high-protein diet.Much protein can be found for example in milk, fish, legumes and lean meats.Can split fingernails also be a reference to various deficiencies, such as iron, zinc and B vitamins.Iron can record through foods such as chard, beetroot, dried parsley, meat, liver, black pepper and cinnamon.But beware: milk and eggs inhibit the absorption of iron in the body.Favors vitamin C, how to find it, for example, in red peppers and oranges, then against the recording.So you should always consult a doctor to get tested, whether and to which one suffers deficiency before deciding on a treatment for Split fingernails.

Dietary supplements can help therapy
If a change in diet alone does not help, you can also rely on food supplements from the pharmacy.Let us advise you here by your pharmacist, who can recommend appropriate zinc or iron supplements.Some people swear by the additional intake of silicon by Split fingernails.This can be found for example in silica or Tissue Salt No. 11The effectiveness of silicon there is no scientific evidence to date.

Split fingernails - Causes and Treatment

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