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Start with Sleek Makeup i-Divine Palette Ultra Mattes – Darks

Sure you have already heard from Mattes Ultra Sleek palettes because they are “so” beautiful that they should appear to be mentioned everywhere and by everyone :)Between the two versions – Brights and Darks – I chose Darks. I liked very much the colors in the image presentation and I’m not disappointed when I saw the live product.

I like the fact that they changed the appearance of the blade, now is the perfect matte look elegant. Size, nothing has changed – as narrow as before, includes 12 pills each of 1.1 g each.

Here’s what it looks like inside:



All shades are perfect mate and, based strictly on experience with Swatch’s, the formula seems much improved. I have not had as much fallout as the other Sleek palettes. For sites swatch, Urban Decay Primer Potion I used as a base in Eden version – is the matte.

Orbit – an extremely emerald green was applied very evenly and smoothly from the first;

Ink – a deep blue that looks slightly creamy;

Highness – an absolutely gorgeous vibrant purple the royal outfits reminiscent of but little cranky after application;

Thunder – a gray rat with a light satin texture which required absolutely no effort to look gorgeous;

Maple – a reddish brown perfect weather outside;

Flesh – a nude-peach that almost blends with my skin tone, but a little dry after application.


Noir – a formula that visibly improved non-color palettes from the past, although now easy to beat Green in a certain light, but extremely easy to apply;

Dune – a cream that is exactly my skin tone, which I like;

Pillow Talk – clean white whose formula does not delight me as hard as I would have liked when I made the swatch;

Paper Bag – a true chocolate brown absolutely gorgeous and extremely useful for daily makeup but for tonight;

Villain – an elegant burgundy imps out of us and invites a sensual smokey with a very nice texture;

Fern – dark green as I wanted for some time, nice as shade but little more difficult when it comes to working with him for not perfectly evenly applied.

How do I find this palette: Very, very beautiful as selection of colors, much better in terms of product quality and very present in texture. It is extremely versatile, offering many variations of color combinations, but my advice is to try, mainly, one of the colors in the top row with the bottom row correspondence. Producer associations made when you placed the colors in the palette are even inspired – Orbit with Thunder, Ink with Maple Highness the Flesh (I think this is the most expressive combination of colors from the palette) Noir with Paper Bag (for a super intense and dramatic smokey already see it in front and I think it will be and the next makeup on this blog), Dune with Villain and Pillow Talk with Fern. Of course, the color combinations are at the discretion of each, this is just a tip.


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