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Step To Do Zombie Makeup For Girls

Do you want to know how to do zombie makeup for girls? Well we all know that zombie makeup is taken to be one of the demanding among the girls for the Halloween Day but they don’t know the way of getting the perfect zombie makeup for themselves. Scroll down to learn!

Simple and Easy Step To Do Zombie Makeup For Girls

  1. In the very beginning of the makeup for girls you have to just apply a thick coat of white face paint all over the face. The paint should be all extend down neckline and stop where it will going to meets your shirt. For a more girly look you can even add a soft pink blush to the cheekbones.
  2. Now just spread the black eyeshadow both underneath the eyes and on the eyelids. You have to blend in purple eyeshadow in the region of the brow line to create a bruised look. The area around the eyes should be very dark as this will going to make the eyes stand out from the face.
  3. You can even trace the bottom and top of the eyes in the company of a thick line using black eyeliner. This will going to puts more emphasis on the eyes. You can even make the use of eyeliner with glitter so that it can add more sparkle.
  4. Don’t forget to apply the fake eyelashes to the eyelids as by far using a false eyelash kit.
  5. In the end of the makeup just apply lightly with the pale pink lipstick to create a more feminine zombie look.

So these have been few simple steps which you should keep in mind at the time of applying zombie makeup for girls! Make yourself scary now!

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