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Steps To Highlight Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes

Do you think that eye makeup for brown eyes cannot be done so easily? Well we all know that brown eyes are taken to be one of the attractive looking eye color but they can be made additional stunning with the use of right eye makeup shades.

Simple Steps To Highlight Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes:

  1. In the starting of the eye makeup for brown eyes you have to prepare the area around your brown eyes for the application of eye makeup that you will going to use. You just have to first apply your eye cream under your eye area. A thin layer of cream concealer a shade to a half shade lighter then your skin tone will help to cover any dark circles under your eyes.
  2. Now in the next step you wil going to add the color to your eyelids. One of the best color palettes to use in eye makeup to highlight brown eyes is a green one. You can simply swipe a medium green shade of eye makeup on top of your eyelid from the lash line. You have to feather the edge of the dark and medium shades of green eye makeup.
  3. In the next you have to make the use of the automatic eyeliner to frame your brown eyes. To further highlight your brown eyes you should use deep emerald color eyeliner. Just line your top lash line. You can even think to line your bottom lash line that will give the eyes with the highlighting feeling.
  4. Now you have to finish the whole look of the eye makeup for brown eyes by using the coat of black mascara on your upper and lower eyelashes. Black is the best color to use with mascara as it will going to make the lashes look thicker in just two coats.

So carefully follow the steps one by one and make your brown eyes come across to be stunning looking for others! All the best!

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