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Tangerine Fatal Bourjois| New nail art design

Hello my princesses! I hope you are well! I’m just a hell of fishing yesterday, all your reactions, so many have just reboostée me as ever! What gets off!

In addition, it’s spring, the sun shines for real, my cat catches mice as a great, and the birds chirping. It could be more perfect? :)

So now I just give you a polish that was sent to me by Bourjois as Jen knows how much I like the / orange coral tones. Except that my precious ranking on my shelf famous yesterday, I realized that I had purchased last summer! Never mind, I put that offered by Bourjois in the game … I did not write the title not to round up the whole earth, we keep to our ca ca you going? So for those who wish to participate, a little trick: In comments, I ask you to bring me word Spring three times. Just to be sure that the girls who are there just to play and do not read what I write are openly unmasked. My little finger tells me that flowers will have a good laugh … Hush hush, be discreet! : P

While Tangerine Fatal to make you the deal that one of you will be pleased to ask, it’s a nice little orange jelly. Covering two layers, the application is super agrèable, it is fluid and builds on our nails. Brush tip top, and really nice shine as his jelly side gives it a certain transparency. I show you naked without topcoat, and then I show you my little nailart tribute to Mr. Spring!



So you like it? Well, I know that I usually cry happy that I’m not a fan of F-Flowers-flowers. Unless there’s a kind of flower that I love because I find romantic and just cute. Super easy to make more, so it’s all good: The daisies! (What it is gnan gnan Pshiiit today, it lacked more than that …)



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