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Tarot Card set: What fate meant for me?

Tarot Card set: What fate meant for me?

Tarot: a term that raises many questions. Helpful to clarify what is behind the mysterious tradition, where you can tarot cards and read it.

If you have a problem and would like some advice or a hint in which direction should you turn?Are you facing an important decision or have simply lost sight of your life?Then maybe you can help the Tarot.

With esoteric tradition

  • Tarot cards is the most traditional life coaching. It is not clear when this has been, or the first Tarot cards have emerged, but its roots lie in ancient Egypt, Babylon, Arabia and Palestine.Tarot cards but should not be confused with simple playing cards. These have a completely different meaning and are for entertainment and emerged as early as the seventh century AD in China.
  • When card readings the future will mainly interpreted, or to answer questions about current situations. Reply to this comes the tellers, in which he lays the cards face down on the table and at the particular question always reveals the one or the other card. The image shown gives information about the future or give advice in a decision.
  • In modern times, however, there is not only a deck of cards. In addition there are other tarot cards card sets, which are equipped with different numbers and different set put cards. In the section the Tarot “Tarot de Marseille” but even that is “Crowley Tarot” very popular and widely disseminated. There are, however, other decks, such as the Lenomard cards Gypsy cards Kipper cards and so on. Also can be answered with Skatkarten certain questions.

Tellers as a counselor

  • However, it does not matter with which deck the future is laid. It is important that an experienced and qualified tellers at work and he also has a certain knowledge of human nature, sensitivity and a distinctive sense of rhythm. Often people consult a fortune teller, desperate and stuck in hopeless situations for them from which they can not free themselves.Therefore, the consultant must be very responsible with the questions that are asked of him and his cards can handle.
  • A very good fortune tellers to dispense also a lot of information, but refers those seeking advice through selected “stops” in his work with a. A meeting in which someone is put to you tarot cards can be held personally. Today, however, many people advise their clients on the phone, internet chat or email. The payment will be by bank transfer or direct debit. But even here there are many black sheep among the consultants.
  • If you are interested in a consultation, you should look around extensively before for a suitable card readers, watch reviews on the internet or seek opinions. Then it is always advisable to personally discuss. It is also possible to undergo a free test counseling in person, the quality of each depositor cards can be checked without risk.



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