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Technical Makeup: How to apply concealer

Almost everyone has rings. This is why the concealer is an essential tool in makeup. Concealer misapplied little worse. Here are some simple tips and techniques that I use on my clients to fully conceal their dark circles.

1) Always choose your concealer the same color as your skin tone or a semitone clearer if your circles are very dark. If the concealer is too dark, your concealer will be intensified, while if it is too light, you’ll look too much makeup and the effect will not be natural.

2) If you have wrinkles around the eyes, bags or dry skin, choose textures cream sticks or cakes. Cream textures blend better with the skin, do not accentuate wrinkles and gives a more natural result.

3) do not use makeup brushes for nothing. They are your best allies in makeup. Buy a brush for theconcealer, the application will be greatly facilitated. Suggestion: Correction MAC Brush # 194 (around € 20 / $ 22 CA). The brush is more useful in the case of thicker textures like concealer pot.


Technical Makeup: How to apply concealer

We begin by applying 5 dots of concealer with the brush on the darkest part of the ring starting from the inner corner of the eye near the nose. If you have pockets, it is very important not to dot concealer on the most prominent part of your circles (doing so, you accentuate your pocket), but in the hollow part (in the pocket) to clarify the most dark and shaded.

5) Using the brush or your ring finger, lightly tap (never extend or wipe the concealer) the product so as to blend into the skin. Start tapping the inner corner of the eye and move outward. Repeat as necessary if the product does not fully penetrated.

6) If necessary, you can repeat step 4 to specific locations or you need more coverage. Do not apply too thick because you could create streaks and “false wrinkles”

7) If you have not applied foundation beforehand, it would be ideal to “down” the concealer lightly on the cheek (near the nose), so as not to create division between the hidden and identifies the rest of the face is sometimes red.

So, you now have a look awake and bright as if you slept 12 hours!

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