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Teeth Bleaching: Bright white smile in no time

With age, and also because of substances such as nicotine and caffeine often show patchy discoloration on the teeth. Through various bleaching methods to whitening rich at home bleach from professional teeth at the dentist, you can whiten your teeth again.

Tea, coffee and red wine can cause unsightly stains on teeth.Also used with the age of the enamel off and the underlying yellow dentin begins durchzuschimmern.By a professional teeth whitening at the dentist or with bleaching products from home you can get at the unsightly discoloration and thus show a radiant smile again after a few weeks.

Teeth Bleaching: Bright white smile in no time

Professional teeth whitening at the dentist

  • Who wants a particularly flawless result and is willing to spend a little more money, a professional whitening can treat yourself to the dentist. To achieve optimum results, the dentist will first perform a dental cleaning that removes the debris and decay. Then, the teeth are sealed with a fluoride coating, which makes the subsequent treatment particularly gentle.
  • The actual bleaching is done using a whitening agent whose effect can be intensified by light irradiation. In most cases, about two sessions are necessary to ensure that the effect remains to a year visible.

Tooth whitening with Aufhellprodukten

  • If you want to whiten at home teeth, can draw on a wide range of different products. In addition to bleaching trays are also gel for application or so called whitening stripes. Whitening also pens that already as the name suggests, have pointed, are commercially available.
  • With most products, after two weeks of regular applying a clear effect is visible. To avoid risks, you should schedule an appointment with the dentist before bleaching. Thus, any risk factors, such as exposed tooth necks or defective fillings can be uncovered.

Thus the radiant smile remains

  • After bleaching teeth side effects such as increased hot-cold-sensitivity of the teeth or irritated gums may occur. However, these are usually gone by in a few days. To protect the teeth whitening as well as possible, get a fluoride-containing gel applied after bleaching the teeth to strengthen the enamel.
  • Also helpful to get the bright white as long as possible: Limit the consumption of nicotine, coffee and tea as possible. Thus, new stains are permanently avoided and the teeth stay nice and white. Tips to whiten teeth are found for example in the health section of the mirror


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