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Test of No 7 Awakening Eye Gel

I had the opportunity to test some No 7 skincare products for me form an opinion about it and will tell my honest impressions.

As you already know, the eye area is slightly problematic to me the idea that we predisposition to dark circles and bags under the eyes. I have not met for a product to completely remove cearcenele me, although I tested many products, more or less efficient. But I avoided, do not know why the problem under eye bags that form after a long sleep or lack of sleep, or sufficiently rehydrated wonder what other reason. TIP: If you experience the same situation, avoid excessive / regular coffee drinking and that “feed” the problem.

But back to the No7 Awakening Eye Gel “soothes and refreshes skin around the eyes, reduce puffiness and dark circles, leaving skin revitalized appearance counters” is what it promises to do.

After I used it daily for about 5 weeks, I can say that indeed solve bags, revitalize the skin and has an immediate effect of awakening. When applied to the skin it gives a cooling sensation and is extremely soft. Light texture allows the skin to absorb it quickly and leaves no oily film afterwards.

Smoothes skin under the eyes, and I noticed that it is more effective when you apply in a circular motion, going from the eye to the outer corner house. The effect is enhanced drainage and should not be pressed too hard. Conversely, a too vigorous massage the eye area causes bags under the eyes and dark circles dark purple so discreet touch is recommended. Can also be tapotat fingers under eye area, as suggested on the package.

Prdusul is hypoallergenic and, in my case, there was no adverse reaction, burning or itching since I started applying the product. I noticed that on days that are too tired at night and skip applying gel eye dark circles the next day they act up something stronger.

Another advantage of this product which is not mentioned in the official description, but I noticed that it happens and that I wanted to mention this, is that it has an immediate effect on fine lines under the eyes. There is an effect that you keep for a long time once you stop using the product, but it seems sensational to have this effect immediately after application. At least in my case you can see – I know I have serious wrinkles but with slightly dry skin in the eye area, you can see some small ridulete and I’m glad to see them disappear easily. Thing that people with oily skin will not ever concern because excess sebum counteracts wrinkles and will always look younger – that in case you did not know and wanted to see and the good of a greasy-oily :)

I try to keep the routine application twice a day, morning and evening for best results. I am really pleased with this gel effect on dark circles though is average. I like so much how I solve “bumps” in the morning that I became addicted to it and certainly remains one of the products in my daily skincare routine.

The packaging is very handy, small and easy to carry so it is very convenient to take with me when I go on vacation or asleep one night elsewhere. Put it in the bag and does not take up all the space.


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