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The American designer’s most fashionable Rachel Zoe

Born in New York in 1971, Rachel Zoe Rosenzweig grew up in New Jersey with his parents art collectors. She was attracted very early by the fashion world, not by pure creation, but by associating different pieces to get a look out of the ordinary. She began by the mother of a revamp of its neighbors at the age of 8 years. At age 13 during a trip to Paris, she has only one obsession, find theLouis Vuitton store to spend all his savings in a messenger bag.
Rachel Zoe has always wanted to stand out from the others, has often be thrust lookée, which earned him more ridicule than compliments during his adolescence. The 90s was the worst period that fashion is known for it, who dreamed only of folk robes, Rachel was confronted with Montana andMugler silhouettes that flattered her desire little bohemian femininity.
Despite his attraction to fashion, she felt a fascination for people around him, wants to deepen the subject moving towards studies in psychology and earned a degree in sociology and psychology   at George Washington University. This is when a student job she met Rodger Berman, who became her husband five years later.
Rachel Zoe takes off for New York, where she became fashion editor at YM (magazine for teens). She began working as a personal stylist to the stars, that’s when his career took off. His agent advised her to use only her first name:Rachel Zoe Rachel Zoe Berman becomes.

In 2003, she gained notoriety around the world

through the makeover she operated with Nicole Ritchie   his style changed radically transformed the Californian vulgar then mini creeper bohemian chic. However, this transformation is controversial because of its rapid weight loss, which will draw attention to the possible negative influence that could have Rachel Zoeon it.
If Nicole Richie becomes thin as it is also the case with other girls including Rachel Zoeoversees the wardrobe, including Lindsay Lohan and Keira Knightley. Stylist then seems to advocate zero size, and impose as a criterion aesthetics become small stars that pass through his hands.
Nevertheless, Rachel Zoe revolutionizes the United States   and customs of the red carpet advising girls like Kate Beckinsale, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Garner, it prints its trademark “bohemian vintage” where previously only the Hollywood glamor reigned.Its formula long dress, maxi oversize glasses and wallet, all worn casually chic.



The Rachel Zoe dressing is overwhelmed by outfits, accessories and jewelry designers send her claws and small designers who wish to be known. Soon, Rachel Zoebecomes the passage between the VIP and to the world of fashion, she is invited to all presentations private.
The designer has a strong power, it is sufficient to bring a particular one of the bags Celebrities who for the last one day become the it bag. The brands have their interest and flatter every possible way which seems to have the gift to boost their sales.
However, the seasons, we realize thatRachel Zoe would tend to copy and paste his own style to readjust to Jessica Simpsonand others, to the point that the press denominates the “Zoe bots” in reference to the film ” Attack of the Clones. ”

In 2006, Nicole Richieand Rachel Zoe dismisses accused of being anorexic herself, as well as having a very bad influence on young girls she advises. It is even suspected of having taken veterinary drugs to lose weight and have distributed to its protection. However, this does not prevent the designer to continue its business plan and maintain its wealthy clients like Liv Tyler and Demi Moore are also very satisfied with his services.

Finally, this divergence with Nicole Richie will accentuates the reputation of the designer.
His book, “Style A to Zoe” on his lessons of style, must-have fashion has sold thousands of copies, fashionistas eagerly awaiting the release of its reality show in September 2008, where we see Rachel Zoe in all its splendor in his life stylist celebrity, red carpet editors of magazines through the fashion of the greatest couturiers, his appointment with VIP clients, her shopping sprees sessions and backstage life for the less hectic …

Rachel Zoe does not hesitate to challenge Anna Wintour, saying that it is more influential and continues to show its line of shrimp without blinking, is proud to devote himself body and soul to the well-being of its clients and was debauched by his girlfriendTamara Mellon (Jimmy Choo) to handle the styling of the brand Halston.

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