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The best makeup and care for a younger look

You want to display a rejuvenated look and reap the compliments without undergoing cosmetic procedures?It’s simple, just a few products to help you.

Follow my tips and you will be surprised by the fact that small things can make a big difference.

1. An eye brow

First, it is ESSENTIAL to have a line of impeccable eyebrows, especially as we age. A badly plucked eyebrow gives a look and fell tired. An eyebrow very high end and give effect to lift the lid. To emphasize this, we add a little shadow on brows and hair brush. The eye brows should be attuned to the color of hair, unless your hair is gray or black. If you have gray hair, choose a makeup for blondes. If you have black hair and you have very dark skin, you can choose a black paint, but if you are fair-skinned Caucasian, it is best to go with an eye for brunettes.

2. Concealer

The rings give a tired look and dig the look that would look down. Camouflage dark circles automatically rejuvenates face. But be careful to choose a concealer the right color (the same as your skin or half a shade lighter, but no more) and take a formula adapted to your age and skin type. If you have eye wrinkles and / or dehydrated, take a creamy concealer and moisturizer. A concealer that dries quickly and keeps a matte finish will highlight wrinkles. Choose a concealer ideal anti-aging.

3. A careful eye puffiness decongestant

As well as dark circles, bags under the eyes give a definite look tired. It is the same for all the eye. If you havepuffy eyes and swollen, they look smaller and more tired. Therefore, by applying twice a day care specific pockets and puffiness will help your eyes to keep a fresh look.

4. A lengthening mascara

Eyelashes longer and higher up give effect to the eye. The mascara is opening the eyes, so it is already a product anti-aging makeup. So if we add the aspect lengthening was necessary to apply the product daily for a youthful look. Attention to volume mascaras, they can add to the look in the case of a mature look.

5.A makeup illuminator

As we age, the skin loses its luster and sometimes dries. Therefore compensate with a makeup product that gives shine. Foundations illuminators are perfect. Already, they conceal defects for a more even complexion, but the side light and reproduced the appearance of brightness youthful skin. Foundations with a matte finish can make them look cracked and accentuate fine lines and wrinkles, so they should be avoided on mature skin.

6. A blush

When properly applied (this is very important, because if not you can create the opposite effect …), the blush can give a topspin appearance to the face. Just start the application at the cheekbones and up the paint towards the temples. Warning against by not overfill. Makeup looks too old. The older we get, the more makeup should be light.

7. A plumping lip gloss

As we age, lips refined. Adding a bit of gloss in the center of the lips gives a look luscious lips. The eye-catching brilliance and rounded shape of the lips. You can choose a gloss properties repulpantes (based on hyaluronic acid), to reduce the appearance of fine lines on the lips.

8. Care with AHA

AHA such as glycolic acid removes dead cells from the skin and reveal new skin, smoother, with fewer imperfections. With use, wrinkles can also fade slightly. In addition, the AHA provide a super bright color and much softer. It is really carefully if you want to get rejuvenate our skin and look at the same time.

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