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The Body Shop X Lily Cole: I can not resist!

I had announced in my desires to return the makeup collection launched this summer at The Body Shop with Lily Cole as the face I had typed in the eye. I found it very girly on visual, I have not been disappointed in the shop.


In particular, I set my heart on two products, the “bang”, this pretty box that contains all the curvy beads (type meteorites) to brighten the complexion and a pink puff to remove.




This object is a marvel: round, soft, girly, sweet, light, he had to make me crack!




Obviously, what triggered the cracking is that it contains small puff, then I have not seen resist (remember that I was looking for a nice puff – then I have not found, c ‘ is now done!).




Inside the pink and iridescent pearls that appear to flicker.




And once on the skin reveals their light, without it being too much (older, I am wary of products which, under the pretext of giving you a complexion of madness, you are like a tree scientiller).





Rendering on the face and neck is fairly unobtrusive and appears when the sun shines (like today!)




With this collection, there was also the dome “lips and cheeks” intrigued me. There are two versions, one pink and the other more in apricot shades.


I set my heart on the apricot hue to end the summer in style.




It is a blush-cream can also be used on the cheeks (normal) but also on the lips!




Cheeks, OK, it does its purpose and remains discreet (it does not turn orange) but on the lips, it is hyper disappointing: we see nothing. The natural, clear my lips with it, the dome, we see no difference! But hey, it’s a nice summer blush!


Finally, if we combine the blush and bang, you end up with something very natural and light, perfect for sunny days that will, hopefully, last! [But you see, on the lips, blah!)



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