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The bunny takes the lead! Nail Art Tutorial

Hello to all! The Sunday of March, when the sun is shining for me it smells Easter. It smells like egg hunts, chocolate melts in the sun, nests in the garden and giant rabbits. Smells small wicker baskets, parents who are hiding things (besides, I regret that after the age of 12, they will do more. This is too sad.).Anyway, you’ll understand what it’s Easter. And Alsace more than elsewhere I think this little party is terribly important to me even more than Christmas, I think I have more memories of childhood that time.So, I made a mini-Easter nail art, where the rabbit is still shy (bin yes, this is not the time!) And where decorated eggs on the rest of the nails we guess. It gives me me fishing, I ask no more! :)

Easter pastel nail art

Easter pastel nail art

So I used Kerfuffle on the ear and the ear of the major Fiver, Jasper on the index (all Butter London) and As if! NCLA of the thumb. As much as I love Butter, both for the purple, I’m more addicted to Molly Coddled As if only because it is a bluish purple, unlike the other that draws more on the pink. And I, purple roses, this is not really my cam :). To focus rabbit nail, I used Camelot base then my white Konad for drawing, as usual!
Easter pastel nail art

Easter pastel nail art

Easter pastel nail art



When I posted my picture on instagram, I was asked the tutorial for the bunny. This time you may again need to have a brush, although it can also cope with a dotting tool just fine!

Easter-Bunny-Nail-art tutorial

Basically, here are the steps:

1. We set the base color, you wait a few minutes it is dry.

2. Using a small brush, dotting tool, even if it is clever, brush varnish, it is a half circle on the corner of the nail. It then draws our small ears! If they do not have the desired shape, do not panic. When dry, take your brush and your black lacquer and iron the edges to get the shape you want! It’s cheating, but it works very well 😉

3. Were filled inside the ears with a pink or coral color, then goes to the eyes and small nose. You want a rabbit? Add her tiny hairs!

4. Patient is a little, and especially one chooses his topcoat WELL! I did not have my Poshe next to me so I first used a topcoat … Result Nocibé all drooled and I removed everything to do it again. It’s just too annoying when you have spent a quarter of an hour to raise a rabbit on her ring finger!

Easter pastel nail art

That this is a nail art course childish but that I like, the combination of different pastel colors, the contrast with the black, etc. … I find it working pretty well right? I hope it will give you ideas for the end of the month! In the meantime I wish you a good end of weekend! Bizette!

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