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The day before Valentine’s Day

Day 1: 1st February: Bring him a gift that seems ridiculous. Something cheap and commonplace. As a grapefruit. It is important that you give him something because the mainstream media started talking about Valentine’s Day today. Just give him the grapefruit and tell him you’re glad it’s there. It will be a little confused. this is a good thing.

Day 2: February 3: Send him the first half of the note. Be brief. Stop writing in the middle of a sentence. A pleasant note about ordinary things very well. Just do not choose a trite phrase to complete.

Day 3: February 5: Assuming you did not tell her what is in the last half of your note, send it to her. By “send” I mean that you must ensure that it is in his possession. You do not have to post. Draw a snowman at the bottom of your notes into a flower and a legend that “people do not stick to real flowers so you have to make a vase to put it in.” The more you unlike this part is better. We try to create some suspense, hot shot. Believe me, and play by the rules.

Day 4: February 7: Ask one of his friends to tell him that you said it is fantastic and we are really happy to have in your life. Make sure that the Friends do not let on that you have provided. The idea is for her to get the message from multiple sources without putting it all together and you hunt for an explanation. If she asks questions, simply tell him that you try something you read on some site. You do not remember what site it was.

Day 5: February 9: Start enjoying the recipes. You will cook dinner.If you can not think of anything to cook, check out some resources on the web and choose something that looks good. A good practice is to avoid anything that seems at all French. Try to advance. Keep it simple. Do not make more than three courses. Wash more than three burned on pans is depressing.

Let him know that you would like to stay for Valentine’s Day and you do not want to answer questions. This is perhaps the only time she will really leave you alone something. Enjoy.Anticipation is a good thing.

Day 6: February 11: Give him a real flower. If you’re dying to spend money, have delivered. Be sure to attach a note that says you bought a dozen flowers, but you’re waiting for your financing before you take delivery of 11 more flowers. It’s fun, it’s cute, you win.

Day 7: February 13: This is a mission in two parts. First, tell her she can do what she wants with you for two hours the next night. Say from 7-9pm if she does not want to scroll by dragging you to bed. This is a great concept, but you want it to be something that takes a little creativity as well. If she decides she just wants to watch “When Harry Met Sally” for a fifth time. Agree to do. The orgasm scene is fun, at least.


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