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The day I tested false eyelashes Bourjois and it ended in delirium small

Eyelashes, my obsession with the color! This is also why I am dingo mascara! And to make doe eyes, what better than false eyelashes?




So neither one nor two, when I crossed, I embarked on my Cart (Cart not my Caddie, because I do my shopping size XXL to feed the whole family 😉


Well, back home, I opened the thing and I was excited by the idea. They are as beautiful and real as the visuals.




The thing is sold with instructions, a small detail that may seem trivial, but useful …




Last step of the purchase, although I had to try, right? This was followed by the most acrobatic experience of my life beauty blogger.


Yes, ask for false eyelashes for the first time, when you always retreated before the test, and even if it’s EASY false eyelashes (fastoche!) Well no, it is not so easy.


  • Already, you’re afraid to stick their eyes with the glue when you leave conjunctivitis or almost (I assure you, I was well and truly healed), you will think twice. Promised, you do not glue the eyelids! PHEW.
  • I do not count the time the false eyelashes gently that you took with your clip is saved I do not know where (ah, if spotted at the bottom of the sink!).
  • I spent the moments when I thought the machine and then paste where the rogue was going to be the trunk.
  • Moment of solitude in front of my mirror when I tried drawing the mascara to plump my lashes dressed these false eyelashes and mascara wiped out all the false eyelashes that I took 20 minutes to ask!




But I did it! And even affect too much, I went to the end of the trick, completing a makeup intense as I do not wear hardly ever!


  • First step, therefore, pose. Be armed with tweezers. Catch the mat.




  • Ask the tuft ras-of-cil after coating the glue thing and waited for it to dry a little (it adheres better)



  • Check all angles that you do not look too stupid.


Fringes with two first …




Then with a third (even fear) …

  • Check alignment with said lid having served-guinea pig.



  • Say with a eyeliner, it would not hurt!


Boo, y’en one who wants to get the boot!


  • Say after the liner, eye shadow vinyl would look great (I used it for eye shadow “monobulle jelly spangled agnes b. Shaded colors in black,” all over the lid mobile inner corner and added the same shade in the color “Silver Light”.

fcils vinyl


  • I added a pencil Clinique Quickliner Intense Plum halo around the eye (shown here on the blog).Not forgetting the famous mascara (here Shocking Yves Saint-Laurent), which held (to prevent it hard false eyelashes, you must wait until it is dry! Patience is also something you learn with false eyelashes!)

And here is the result ….











From there, I allowed myself the poses of stars:




then poses z’yeux viper …. tssssss (reread my article yesterday, I like snakes!)





Let our somewhat seriously in the end I think I did not need false eyelashes to complete the look, but went to the “too-much” for me, I said “banco”. It’s not really my style makeup busy at eye level!


Small details:


  • False eyelashes Bourjois, even if they are black and épaix enough (compared to mine, OIRS, but fine) are not too much in length, roughly the same length as my natural lashes (which are naturally long, but no hair, huh!).
  • They are easy to make because it is not a full fringe, but a fifth fringe around: you take them to be applied to the outer corner or stick to more natural to expand your bangs. This is the option I chose here, telling me that as well to ask and to shit (oh, so little!), I could well improve the experience by putting more!
  • Patience and perseverance for eyelashes: I also think that Rogue had the same experience with false eyelashes Bourjois …
  • False eyelashes Bourjois is good if you want to expand your lashes naturally no effect here too-much, we’re on the natural anyway!

In the end, only to have the hand. When you have it, all is well!


Remains that the fringe of eyelashes, it’s still downright simple to put on the bottom lashes  . The trend is launched. After all, makeup, trends in large houses and mine are alike, no? 



Photo taken without cheating on face 100% stark naked!

Ridicule does not kill, as long as you do not go out of your house!

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