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The dermo cosmetics

Do you know the dermo cosmetics? This type of skin care products for the skinis increasingly popular and growing trend. Some retailers even give them an entire section separately. But what these products have more than routine care? Here are some answers.



There is a wide variety of brands that position themselves as dermo-cosmetics. Found among others Vichy, Roc, Elancyl, NeoStrata, Jouviance, Biotherm , La Roche Posay, Lierac, Ducray, Dermaglow, Karine Joncas, Avene, Galenic, A-Derma, Oenobiol, Bioderma, etc..

What is a dermo-cosmetics?

Basically, a product of skin care skin cosmetics is designed to prevent, protect and correct physiological disorders of the skin.

In the market, it is said that dermo-cosmetics are halfway between cosmetology and dermatology. Inaddition, dermo-cosmetic act deeper into the layers of the skin. Some products only affect the upper layers of the epidermis, while dermocosmetic can even go up to act directly in the dermis, the layer below the epidermis (the skin has three layers: epidermis, dermis and hypodermis). To successfully penetrate into the dermis, the molecules of the cream should be thinner, smaller. Another important point of dermo-cosmetic: they continue to act after the initial application for real effects.

Normally, a dermo-cosmetic product says accurate results for skin problems that have been rigorously tested in the laboratory such as the treatment of sensitive skin, problem (rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, etc.). Prone to acne, treatment effects of aging (wrinkles, sagging, etc..), treatment of cellulite, sun care specialist, specialist care for babies or children, etc..

Attention to marketing

All products are not dermo-cosmetic, but some are, and do not report. This is not because a product does not declare dermocosmetics it is not good or effective. All this is a matter of marketing positioning. Normally, to dermo-cosmetics, must be an array of further tests to confirm and provide real results on the skin. It takes longer choose to declare dermo-cosmetics. Some brands do not make this choice, but can still offer high performance products and quality that act as deep into the skin.

For example, an anti-aging product that says “reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles” may not be qu’hydrater skin surface. A well hydrated skin normally appears less wrinkled. Everything is a matter of appearance, while a product that says “reduce fine lines and wrinkles” should be there or there are fibers of collagen and elastin fibers that intertwine to create the matrix of the skin . When a fiber is damaged and collapses, there appears a ride. Therefore, to act on these fibers, the cosmetic must go where they are located in the dermis. So you can find products skincare acting in the dermis with real anti-aging effects that are not necessarily dermo-cosmetics.

How to find in all this?

You choose what best fits your needs. If you have a particular skin problem like eczema for example, dermo-cosmetics are probably just indicated they specialize in specific treatments. To choose a good cream, you can seek advice from a qualified professional and ensure that the product promises real effects supported by tests, results in support. It also verifies that the product not only reduce the appearance of something but something to deal with this! It is therefore our shopping wisely and do not be fooled by advertisements.

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