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The difference between a night cream and day cream

Many people are very confused in the use of different types of facial moisturizers, especially creams day and night. We often wonder what’s the point of using a night cream, what are the benefits, why can not we just use the same care twice a day, etc.. Here are some answers that will enlighten you.


The day, the skin needs to be protected, as it is facing an array of elements agressants such as pollution, sun, temperature, dirt, tobacco, etc.. We must therefore apply to clean skin, a treatment that will preserve thehydration of the skin by creating a protective barrier. This same barrier will also help prevent external irritants to penetrate the skin.

Many day creams contain SPF (sun protection factor). It is very useful to properly protect the skin against the sun’s rays. The sun is responsible for 95% of the signs of aging. You should use an SPF every day, as long as you point your nose to the outside, even for a few minutes, even on cloudy days.

Other ingredients may be useful in a day cream as antioxidants. Antioxidants prevent the skin cells to destroy themselves, since they are subjected to all day full of toxins, free radicals, etc..

So, in summary, day, you need protection and hydration.


At night, your skin regenerates, repairs itself, reconstitutes itself. This is a natural process automatically (unless you’re a sleepless night 😉 Its cells renew themselves and are more active. We must seize this moment to give the skin all it needs which it loses the day as nutrients (vitamins, minerals, etc..) And intensehydration. It can also help to detoxify overnight. It’s like a spring cleaning every night! He therefore file a gentle nudge and hires a maid … the night cream.

Night creams will contain less preservatives than day, but more nourishing and moisturizing agents that make them a little richer. And I’m not here to smother your skin with a cream too fat, not at all suited to your skin type. It must be allowed to breathe as not to impede the process of regeneration. We choose something perfect for our skin. So if you have oily or combination skin, you choose a care lightweight, gel-cream texture or fluid water-based, which moisturizes your skin as even these skin types need hydration. For example, oily skin could use a mattifying gel the day to allow a beautiful matt complexion and makeup that is, while protecting the skin, then a fluid or gel-based cream water overnight to rehydrate the skin depth to prevent dehydration (yes, dehydrated and oily skin, it may very well!). By cons, when it comes to dry skin carewill put rich day and night.

I say simply that this type of cream would be less interesting day, as do your makeup would perhaps not well and your skin would probably also brighter. This is why most treatments called “intensive” will be recommended in the evening. For example, some anti-aging ingredients (like retinol) found in night creams lose effectiveness during the day, they are destroyed by UV rays. In addition, these ingredients may make the skin more fragile and sensitive to the sun.

So in summary, the night, you need nutrients, hydration and regeneration.

Day and night

If desired, it is always possible to use a day cream for the night, especially if you have combination or oily skin and / or you are young, but choose it without SPF. The sun protection factor is completely useless at night, since it does not expose to the sun. Also, the FPS may cause pimples and blackheads being applied at night. So, buying a day cream without SPF, it will be important to offset applied over a sunscreen for the day.

There are also designed for use creams twice daily. We find most often these creams for normal to dry skin, dry to very dry, which can afford a rich care at all times.


One reason often cited by users of a single cream is the financial side. A cream is always cheaper than two.By cons, although a night cream is often a few dollars more than a day cream because it contains more active ingredients, the logic is not good. One cream used twice daily will be empty twice as fast if we have day and night creams (double size = double time). It is therefore the same. And I personally find it interesting to be able to feed our skin more intensely and give more active ingredients the night, while having a flawless day. Anyway, there is no exception, it must be ABSOLUTELY TWO moisturize the skin once a day. While it twice with the same cream or with two different creams, as we do, it’s something.

I think

Skin aging so quickly, if you can help and save a few years, I do not see what is wrong. I am aware that there are many philosophies and schools of thought and I respect them, but I chose the yes side … yes the night cream, small potted happiness for my poor little delicate skin!

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