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The difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin

Many people who have actually dehydrated skin mistakenly believe they have dry skin. Therefore, they make bad choices care products for skin and cause other problems such as oily skin, pimples and blackheads, etc.. It is therefore essential to distinguish between the two to treat their skin.

Dry skin

Dry skin has a lack of oil because it does not produce enough sebum. It is for this reason that the creams for dry skin will contain a larger amount of oil or an equivalent such as butter or shea unsaponifiables example.It takes dry skin nourishing cream.

My suggestions: cream Nutrix Royal Lancôme and L’Oréal Nutrissime cream.

-Dry skin has NEVER oily areas at any place on the face. Areas other oily skin types are most often the nose, forehead or chin. You can pass a handkerchief to the end of the day on the nose to know. If there is no residue, there are chances that your skin is normal or dry.

-Dry skin is often tug or create a sense of discomfort especially when doing facial expressions such as smiling or frowning for example. This feeling is often most noticeable after cleaning the skin. It feels very urgent desire to creamed as one would like a glass of water!

-A VERY dry skin will often be signs of desquamation (dead skin small). It is very important to understand that these small skins are definitely dead (not “ressuscitables”). There is no need to strive to rehydrate using millions of creams and masks. So do your grief and use a good scrub dislodge and deep moisturize skin still alive! Dry skin should also make a scrub followed by a good moisturizing mask one to two times a week.

Dehydrated skin

Dehydrated skin is not officially a type of skin itself, because all skin types can have dehydration, even oily skin.

Dehydration is a lack of water. Your skin thirsty, so make the drink a little!

It is difficult to tell the difference with dry skin because some symptoms are the same as the tension and discomfort, scaling, and want to apply the cream. The most notable difference is the production of sebum. If you have the slightest a little oil on the nose, forehead and chin, you do not have dry skin.

Dehydrated skin does not need any oil. Therefore avoid the use of care for dry skin. Unless of course your skin is dry and dehydrated (yes, this is possible).

How to refresh your skin? First work from the inside. If you are someone who does not drink much, it can affect your skin. Therefore suggested drink consumption of water per day. IT is not necessary to make and consume huge quantities of glasses of water. Once your basic need water filled, your skin will not take any more. This is not a magic solution. We must also work outside.

During the day and even at night, your skin loses water evaporates into the air. It is for this reason that the application of a moisturizer day and night is essential because it creates a barrier that keeps water inside the skin.

Several lines of care specific to dehydrated skin are available on the market. I have a weakness for the range of Clarins Multi-moisturizing. Cream and Serum refreshing thirst-are a good duo care and Hides Anti-thirst is really interesting. The company also provides clinical care for his version of this skin type. I love Moisture Surge cream. There is also a range of Biotherm Aqua Source is anti-dryness and refreshes the skin well.Try: SOS mask dehydration, it’s like drinking a liter of water after the marathon.

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