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The Falsies Mascara new Volum’Express Maybelline

When I saw this new mascara (not yet released in stores), I said, “Hey, therefore, yet another version of Volum’Express. Will it better or worse than the hundreds of previous versions? “. For it is true that the variant Volum’Express Maybelline are almost endless o). So I tried without much conviction, but oh my God, what a surprise! This is by far the best version of Volum’Express I tried, and in addition a great mascara as such, even compared to the prestige variants on themarket. I’m really pleasantly surprised by this big purple fuchsia mascara!
Here is my assessment.

Mascara Maybelline The Falsies Volum'Express



Category: Mascara

Name: The Falsies Volum’Express

Brand: Maybelline

Price: Around $ 11 CA / 15 €

Overall rating: 4 1/2 stars


Visuel Mascara

Visual Mascara


Key Features:

Instant-volume mascara

Brush-shaped spoon to create a range of lashes


-Enriched with pro-keratin fiber

No-mess, packages or lumps


Dans son emballage

In its packaging


Available colors: 1 – Black

Description officiell e: Why you’ll love The Falsies Mascara

Here is an ultra-glam “cheated” in a tube!

The Falsies mascara creates a look false eyelashes, giving you a full fringe of eyelashes bulky, thick, in a magnificent range, without defect or no matter what angle it is applied.

The formula enriched with Pro-Keratin and fiber designed to provide immediate results, distributing volume and visible intensity to your lashes. The patented ‘spoon-shaped brush “helps to put the son in a fan shape.


Brosse mauve fuchsia

Brush purple fuchsia



Brosse en forme de cuillère vue rapprochée

Spoon-shaped brush closeup


The Falsies Mascara is designed to give a flawless appearance, without holes or spaces between the lashes. In a heartbeat, you do not even have time to realize that your eyes are visibly thickens.

Personal evaluation: As I said in my introduction, I was pleasantly surprised by The Falsies. The official description of the allegations are true, and true.

It is true that the brush-shaped spoon works in all directions, and gives every shot a superb result. It can work side dish to give a lot of volume quickly, or the long side to better separate the lashes. If you use the bent back of the brush, we get better all sections of the fringe.

The brush does not create lumps or packets, and each time one returns, it separates the lashes well but the fleshing, to create a beautiful effect volume.

I also liked that we could easily multiply layers to get the effect desired false eyelashes. Well, it is certain that there is no mascara on the market which is equivalent to a fringe of eyelashes, but if we compare the different mascaras that offer false eyelashes effect, I think The Falsies deserves to its place in the race, especially at this price.

The outfit also weighed on the scales for me to love. Worn for a full working day, plus the evening, I had no flake, no burrs, no stains, nothing actually. The mascara is good without flinching. It is a little tougher cleansing, but not that much, much less than most waterproof mascaras.

So basically I can say that I liked this mascara, and I recommend it without hesitation.

It will happen very soon in stores.


-Gives a lot of volume

Brush-easy to use



-Good resistance

-No lumps or flakes packets

Beautiful-fuchsia-purple tube that has a lot of impact


-A little harder cleansing VS other regular mascaras

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