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The five essential makeup summer

Find five essential makeup products for summer.

Powder sun

This product is available in two or three colors and generally made from natural minerals. Powder sun is essential to support the tan color, mark the cheekbones, or just give a healthy glow!


Waterproof mascara

To enlarge your look so stunning and durable, and have pretty eyes all day, not necessarily 40 ° or that you were swimming under water, waterproof mascara is the ally of all women!


The kohl pencil

This makeup natural and necessary to allow each to have the eyes of deer throughout the summer, we opted for the beach or the mountains! The advantage of kohl is that it is generally resistant to heat and water! Ideal to avoid the gothic look!


Lip balm

Ideal for a pretty mouth hydrated, even after a day at the beach or in the sun, shiny and plump! Thelip balm is guaranteed to have a radiant smile during the summer!



Eyeshadow can replace or complete the kohl pencil for an intense look during warm evenings or light makeup in days! There are now thick pencil and / or waterproof, all colors, for a lasting effect!


The five essential makeup summer

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