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The Kohl Kajal

To give the final touch to Smoky Eye Kohl or Kajal pencil (synonyms) is essential. This type of pen is designed specifically to apply to the inside of the eye, the skin between the lash and the eyeball. Apply kohl in the eye gives a lot of depth and brilliance to the eye. It creates a super sexy feline look, while reducing redness and eliminating traces of fatigue. Why go?


Kohl has been around longer than you think. Already at the time of the Egyptians, they used it not only for aesthetic reasons but also as eye drops to relieve eye infections and to protect them from strong reflections of the sun in the desert. Subsequently, kohl was popularized by the Arabs and Berbers. There is also the tradition of kajal in India. Obviously, kohl was not presented in pencil, because the process does not exist, but in powder form in which we dipped a small wooden stick called mirwed. Were deposited then stick it between the eyelids shut over, then slid towards the outside. Moreover, Guerlain has reproduced this process with the Terracotta Loose Powder Kohl.


Of course, you can also use kohl to emphasize the outer contour of the eye, but the difference with a regular eye pencil, kohl is that, when worn inside of the eye, hold more time, will be more comfortable and less likely to cause reactions. We can therefore use the kohl all the sauces!


Speaking of Guerlain, in fact, the brand has recently launched its Khol Kajal Intense Indian. Its format is unusual conical convenient because there is no need to sharpen it and its compact size makes it very portable. Its texture is very creamy and easy to spread, which can be applied both inside and outside the eye for a smoky look mysterious and sexy smoked to perfection!


You can find the same product at Arcancil for much cheaper (11 € for 28 € for VS Arcancil Guerlain), and the product is exactly the same. In addition, Arcancil launched this product in 2006, compared to Guerlain innovation, we revert … 😉 So, why spend for nothing? The Kohl Kajal to Arcancil is one of the flagship products of the brand for some time, it is worth a try and it seems to be very popular with consumers. You will also find a ton of other brands that offer the same format. Just shop around.

Both products are highly pigmented for an intense black and deep which gives a lot of character to look! The ease of application is unique, the finish is matte powder, holding eight hours is exceptional, they are ideal for sensitive eyes and do not cause dryness, either within or outside of the eye.

The Kohl Kajal Khol Kajal Arcancil and Indian Intense Guerlain to try it for your smoky eyes makeup or any other sophisticated. Without these two products, any pencil or powder or Kohl Kajal give intensity to your eyes that you would not suspect!

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