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The life of cosmetics: when to renew?

The question “How long can I keep this or that product” is frequently asked me.Here is a small guide as a guide to help you see clearly.

How long:

-Mascara: 3 to 4 months

A-liquid eyeliner: from 3 to 4 months

pencil-eye: about 1 year

A-red-to-lips or gloss: about 1 year

-A lip liner: about 1 year

-A liquid foundation or cream in a tube or pump: about 1 year

-A liquid foundation or cream pot or compact: 6 to 10 months

-A powdered product (eyeshadow, blush, etc..): From 1 to 3 years

-A nail polish: about 1 year

A moisturizer-tube or pump: about 1 year

A moisturizer-pot: 6 to 10 months

A-tanning: about 6 months

-A sunscreen or moisturizer with SPF: maximum 1 year


How to prolong their

If a product is not open and has never been used, its life will be much longer. So if you have 10 gloss for the season, I think it will be more than enough. So avoid unnecessarily open the other and keep them for the next season!

Keep your cosmetics in a cool and dry as possible away from the light. Forget the bathroom is too humid.

Do also remember the products in your handbag summer. Cosmetics do not like heat.

If you have oily skin and use powder products, choose sponges or puffs disposable latex or a brush that you clean after each use. This will avoid contaminating your powder with sebum reducing their duration.

The brush cleaners are very useful for not having to shampoo every time. The shampoo is suggested once a week. Some “pshitts” wiped out a handkerchief and voila! The brush cleaners contain most of the alcohol disinfects good hair brushes.

If you have products in jars, use a spatula to remove and clean it after each use. By directly fingers in the pot, you contaminerez with bacteria.

If one of your products change odor, color, texture or application, throw it, it is probably outdated. Expired product can cause infections and unwanted that, we do not want it!

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