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The Mayan Horoscope is divided into 13 signs

The Mayan Horoscope is divided into 13 signs.

The Mayan Horoscope is divided into 13 signs
This is because the Maya year is divided into 13 Monday in 28 days. The Mayan calendar is a special calendar of the Maya in Central INDIGENOUS.

The 13 moons were named for animals important to the Maya.
The Astronomy was an important part of the culture of the Maya.

Once you discover your sign, you’ll know the details predictors of personality, relationships and friendship, thanks to the legacy of the ancient sages …

Do you dare?


December 13 to January 9
Color: Green
Issue 6


Women of this sign spend their lives focused on the search of themselves.
Renew, change … that is the focus of his life.

They love to seek knowledge, never happy with what they know.

They take their time but make great decisions. Reflect on everything they do.

Your Keywords: method and order.
They are friendly and very faithful and loyal partners.

The most important factor is trust, looking at all your relationships.

They are able to give what you require.

They are excellent managers. They enjoy housecleaning

They are sincere, honest and direct.

They get along very well with the Scorpion. In love elect the Jaguars and Turtles.


January 10 to February 6
Color: Lilac
Issue 7


They are active women, who can not stay quiet for a moment.
Your nature is anxious, mischievous and fun.

They probably have trouble sleeping, for this great activity performed during the day.

These are people who laugh easily.

They are very stable and loving relationships. They are faithful when they are engaging in a serious relationship.

It is the more outgoing of the horoscope sign Mayan.

They are sympathetic, and have a great power of seduction.
They are cute and elephants.

They have some difficulty to fall in love and out of love easily.

They are very intelligent and creative. When proposing something do not stop until you do.

They admire the Serpent. They get along very well with Peacocks.


February 7 to March 6
Color: Purple
Number 8


They are strong women who love to be independent.

His passion is the study.
They are always aware of everything going on around her.

Know how to fulfill their duties and responsibilities.

But break the rules, do not usually take orders.
Just accept their way of seeing things.

Your spiritual life is becoming larger as they mature.

They are very easy to understand women.

They like to show off and be different.

They have very good taste, especially for decoration.

They value simplicity.

Often change their minds.

They are excellent companions to the Owl.
The Chipmunks are his accomplices, but his greatest loves are Snakes.


March 7 to April 3
Color: Red
Issue 9


These courageous women, passionate, altruistic.
They fight for what they want and know how.

They are independent.
I love living with freed, but at the same time are extremely loving and affectionate.

They have a seductive, communicative and changing, so it will use all its secrets to getting what you want.

Know, love, and fall in love.

They are good communicators.

They take excellent with Peacock, because they have similar codes.
They admire the Turtles.


April 4 to May 1
Color: Brown or black
Number 10


These women have a life for love.
They love to serve others, and help in any way they can.

They are passionate women, capable of analyzing those with only looking at them … recognize incredible things inside.

What matters is love over material things.
His ambitions are focused on raising a family, get married, have children.

They have too many claims. They are simple in all that relates to feelings.

They are unpredictable and very adaptable.
They are spontaneous and sincere.

They prefer the tranquility and stability in things that start.

They are romantic and dreamy, although easily disappointed by the reality. They suffer for failing to adapt.

Scorpion and Lizard are the best signs for friendship. With Snake can do big business and love Owl achieve a free and original.


2 to May 29
Color: Blue green
Number 11


These are women who love the good taste and elegance.
They like to work, and getting to meet realistic goals.

They always want to get what they want.

Know how to act, how to dress, what to say … are very confident.

But, can defend against attacks.

They are very independent.
Know compete.

In love relationships is delivered with passion and demanding. Every time your partner will be testing to see if it is worthy.Never forget their impossible love.

The Deer is a natural seductive Snake.
The Gorilla takes great pleasure will be great friends.


May 30 to June 26
Color: Green
Number 12


She is strong in public relations.
They love to talk, discuss and socialize with others.

They are very active.
They have the ability to do many things at once.

Think fast, and sometimes impulsive.
This makes be changing, and it costs them hold opinions.

Are extremely female.
They will live intensely and relentlessly pursue their dreams.

They tend to be creative and very imaginative.
They know what to do to get what they want.

The Owl is of his best friends, and with the Falcons share the same values.


June 27 to July 25
Colour: Emerald green and red
Number: 13


The women of this sign are building their future step by step, slowly but with clear objectives.

They avoid confrontations, are very peaceful and hate conflict.

They do not want a life with surprises.

They prefer not to risk it, but still get what they want with effort.

Conservative women are well educated, full of ethics and values. They are noble and homey.

They are excellent homemakers, good mothers and wives.
Stable, very emotional.

They give everything they have for the people they want.
Loyalty is a value at which no yield. Do not betray, and seek the same from others.

They get along with all signs, but especially with the bat.


July 26 to August 22
Color: Black and red
Number: 1


Women are natural leaders, destined to have power.

They have a very strong character.
You know make decisions, give orders and lead teams.

They love challenges and are often impulsive. These will cause some problems, but his wit the sound.

If you receive a “no” answer, manage to change the decision of either. They are consistent and play so they want-

They are original, they always look different from the rest.

They can not sacrifice his freedom for anything.

They are very restless … dominating.

They suffer for love when they fall in love. But give everything they have for their relationship.

A good preja is the Jaguar, and the Peacock.
Will be well with the Falcon and the Serpent.

Scorpion or Scorpion

August 23 to September 19
Color: Gold
Number 2


Women are very confident. They do not care what the others think or think-

For her it is important to be liked by everyone. They are very independent from the rest.

They share their secrets only with his closest, are really introverted.

Capable of analyzing people from the first time once.

They have excellent memory, making them a bit spiteful.

They seem to selectively seek out friends, know how to choose their decisions.

Women are discrete, reserved and quiet.

Always put to test her suitors, and do not give a “yes” to be sure really.
Looking for a sincere love and healthy.

They show their feelings, less public.
They hate the hype.

They are great friends Lizard and the Fox.


September 20 to October 17
Color: Orange and Yellow
Number 3


Naturally flirty and very feminine.
They take a lot out of his virtues.

They are elegant in nature, and know how to use to your advantage.

Love is the most important for your life, is the most sensitive sign of the horoscope.
They give everything they have for the people they love.

They have a heart and very bohemian poet.

They devote all their time to your family.

Women are tender, affectionate, demonstrative.

They’re a little unfaithful, but if they find the right person, are friendly and very reliable.

They usually get along with all signs, but are excellent friends of the Serpent.
Have fun with the Gorilla and get along very well with the Turtles.


October 18 to November 14
Color: Dark Blue
Number: 4


They must learn to listen to your inner voice.
They have an innate ability to anticipate events. They follow their hunches are rarely wrong.

They are shy and retiring.
They are sociable and communicative.

Know how to act.

Seek the good company of people they want.
They demand loyalty above all.
They have a sixth sense that guides them. They use very intuitive.

In love, you play for what they want.
They seek safety, trust and loyalty in their partners.
They give everything they have to be happy and make others happy.

They are very friendly, spontaneous and sisters.

An owl will not fail you!

They are passionate and very sexual.

They are close friends of the Squirrel and the Falcon.
The Peacock will be your ideal companion.


November 15 to December 12
Color: Ochre
Issue 5


His great charisma and extroversion help the Peacock excel where it stops. His great sense of humor helps to shine and becoming the center of attention.

Women are striking, charismatic wherever.

They love to be flirty, wear accessories.

Not afraid to be extravagant.
Very conscious of their grooming.

They seek men who respect and accept them as they are.

They are impulsive.
Sometimes you do not know how to act, how to control.

They are adventurous, dare to everything.
Dan what they have to meet their objectives.

They are good in communication and business.
They have a very defined profile to be exploited.

For businesses join the Jaguar and the Murcielago.
With the Turtle finds peace and tranquility.

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