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The narcissistic pervert: recognize and discard.

How to recognize a narcissist perverse?

The narcissistic pervert thinking above all his own enjoyment. It is not known to have feelings, he can not love. He feels no guilt. He can not stand to be disparaged. He needs to please. This is a flattering, a seducer and also a great actor. In reality, the perverse narcissist has a problem with his image, he does not like. This negative vision he has of himself he will transpose on others in order to live better. This is actually a patient who wants to ill the other in its place, to feel better.
The narcissistic pervert has a split personality after his public. On the one hand it can be charming and attractive, on the other hand it can be manipulative and destructive.
He likes to be admired, to be valued, it needs recognition. Often, it mimics the attitudes and words of another for better post and manipulate.
Critical it all, is never satisfied and never apologize. He never acknowledges his mistakes or wrongs, he will blame the other for him.
He cares a lot of appearances, image, wants to be seen as a perfect person. He feels no emotion and no empathy.
It has a great power of attraction as it is a great actor. Its strength lies in the art of induction, ie it insidiously suggests ideas to another.

The operation of a narcissistic pervert.

The narcissistic pervert shows first charming and seductive to better handle its prey.   It is a predator who finds his pleasure in throwing his suffering to another.
Unlike a psychopath who has no superego, the perverse narcissist has a low superego, but it can become psychotic if family breakdown, romantic or professional.
Its objective is to submit and degrade his victim by underhand methods. Initially he seduce his prey, place it on top of a pedestal, then devalue, will destroy an insidious manner and to manipulate that it becomes a toy.
He never acts in public, in relation to others, but always in private. It will push the prey into madness in order not to sink itself. He will spend his time to reproach the other his own faults.
He will bring his victim to depression devaluing, by guilt, by humiliating, by lowering, telling him constantly murderous lyrics. It takes power over her, will suffer for having fun. For that use physical, verbal and psychological.


How to release a narcissistic pervert?

One of the first things to do is not to crash against the perverse narcissist. Indeed, if the spouse criticizes something, it must put the narcissistic pervert face reality and consider what it is to permit a judgment like that. Should be resisted and not seek costs the cost to understand. It is important not to question.

Cut all ties.

Often prone to harassment must cut ties completely, go to change phone number and do not patronize places that the couple enjoyed. This is where it may get you first.

Reconnect with loved ones.

It should be parallel search for persons of trust, friends that protect you if necessary. They will provide a new social life of the victim, changereront her ideas and give him affection. This is the first step towards rebuilding itself.

Do not go back.

It is important not to the perverse narcissist feels his victim doubt. This would reinforce in the strategy and encourage them to redouble their efforts or, at least, to continue on the path he has chosen. It must therefore be firm and not give in, at least in appearance.

Extreme case: appeal to justice.

If the perverse narcissist persists in harassment, do not hesitate to protect themselves with the means provided by the public authority, namely justice. Victims should not hesitate to ask a handrail if it feels physically and psychologically danger.

Are you under the influence of a narcissistic pervert? What are you willing to do for you free?

The narcissistic pervert: recognize and discard.

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