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The new mascara Maybelline Mega Plush

Tired of mascara flakes scattered under your eyes?Tired of having eyelashes brittle and dry whenever you apply mascara?

Your problems are due to traditional mascara formulas that contain a lot of wax rigid flakes.

The solution? The revolutionary formula gel foam comprising 40% less wax new mascara Maybelline Mega Plush Volum’Express.

The latest in the famous and very popular family Volum’Express a range of volumizing mascara, Mega Plush promises a silky and creamy and smooth.Lashes flexible and never brittle imposing a freeze-foam formula does not flake and allows a visible volume and exceptional flexibility.

In addition to its new original formula, Maybelline has designed a single brush flexible and ultra-gentle brush Flexor. It glides on lashes and multiplies to infinity, while maintaining flexibility for application and comfort.

My opinion:



I love the brush of this mascara for my eyelashes, because being flexible at the base (the brush bends if pressed), it prevents me from doing smudges and stains. It is also very gentle on lashes. I naturally curved lashes, but for a person who has very straight eyelashes, I recommend you to bend forward, because as this brush is soft, it will not grow eyelashes upwards, so it does not bend the eyelashes, but it is not part of its characteristics. Moreover, as it leaves lashes soft, they retain their natural position. So I do not recommend it for an Asian example. So we are talking about a volume mascara.

Still in brush, I found it glides on lashes, gently, and it separates well.



Side claims it is up to the allegations. The eyelashes are soft and supple and there is no snowflake that falls under the eyes all day. I think a formula like this should be more “healthy” for the eyelashes, because they have less to break.

Side volume is good. This is not the most volumizing mascara I’ve tried, but it does the job well. Personally, I put 3 coats for a more intense volume.

The mascara cleanses very well and I love the tube which is very summery, girly and funky!

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