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the only nuclear attacks resistant cream:Nutrix

Arhhh, I am disorganized! The end of the year comes at great speed and I realize that I’ve not even talked about all the iconic products of the Planet-Beauty celebrating a special anniversary in 2011 and I noted in my small notebook. So, I do not waste a minute and put on to honor one of them, especially as it is perfect for winter seriously beginning to feel (I even saw the first flakes of snow Friday night after returning from flicks where I went to see Mission Impossible 4). If I tell you that this is the first treatment that created Lancôme House in 1936 to be quite accurate, you have an idea that it could be? No? And if I tell you Nutrix, that tells you something?

Be aware that this treatment 75 years, it still puzzling … Nutrix is barely younger than my grandmother, and like it, it goes through perfectly the decades to the point that even today, it remains one of the stars of the brand references. How to explain this success? Perhaps it simply that his formula for dry skin has shown its effectiveness from generation to generation. I must say that, viewed in the context of the time, his formula had caused a sensation in 1936 because this was one of the very first water in oil emulsions. Innovative and unusual choice at the time, but which quickly seduced dry to very dry skin. For it is indeed the crocodile skins that Nutrix, it soothes and nourishes perfectly addresses. It is also not for nothing that the qualify of “food for the skin” and it will be indicated on the bottle (black at the time but already stamped with the signature pink Lancôme) “cream diet andregenerative. “Very soon, women who adopt the call, almost with affection,” the Nutrix “as if it were obvious.

Year after year, the list of benefits that are just ready to Nutrix lengthens never end.With hindsight, some now seem more fun than anything else but how not to smile when we said that in 1950, Nutrix is recommended by the British defense minister as “the only nuclear attacks resistant cream” Farid, yet quite true!Earlier, in 1948, it is advised to counteract sun damage and wind. Then in 1966, further work is carried out to investigate the power of “sunburn, cracked skin irritations and insect bites.” Just that! Nutrix becomes a veritable Swiss Army knife of cosmetics, is used for various purposes as can be, and that is passed from generation to generation.

In 2006, when she turns 70, Nutrix is ​​reinterpreted into a new version incorporating the latest findings on dry skin: it is the birth of Nutrix Royal. Its objective is of course true to the very DNA of the original Nutrix, namely boost lipid synthesis missing the skin and nourish deep to bring a real sense of comfort thanks to a synergy between royal jelly, waxes’ bee, shea butter, hazelnut oil … Year after year, Nutrix Royal will also be broken down into milk and body balm in hand cream, hair oil … But despite the many launches, the Nutrix 1936 will always remain in the catalog, the formula has never moved to one iota.

Today, this cream jacket has so many uses that wants to lend them the imagination of people who use it. To relieve chapped in winter, anti-cold shield in after-sun care of SOS for cracked feet … Me Me, I’ve never had the chance to try it but I admit that this is typically the kind of care that I would want to have in my bathroom. A multi-purpose bit like the balm 8:00 to Elizabeth Arden or Nivea cream and can unsheathe the slightest skin ailments product. Have you had the opportunity to try it, this famous Nutrix? Is it a product that you’ve heard, or you would have seen with your parents, grandparents … ? And if not, your SOS treatment to deal with the cold of winter, which is it this year?

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