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The order of application of beauty products

A frequently asked question by women I meet is “in what order should I do the application of various products skin care and makeup in the morning and evening? ‘


Here is a list as comprehensive as possible leading products used and their order of application. Obviously, it is not necessary to use all these products, then it is to identify your product and to apply the same logic of steps.


In the morning


Step 1) Facial

A. Cleansing milk, cream, gel or foam

Cleansing can also serve as a cleaner. Versions milk or cream can be wiped with tissue or a cotton pad.Versions gel or foam should be rinsed with water.

B. Tonic

It is applied on a cotton ball and we go all over her face. We do not rinse.



Step 2) Nutrition and hydration

A. Serum.

Serum multiplies the effects of the cream penetrates deeper into the epidermis (top layer of skin).

B. Some companies like Clarins, Decleor, Darphin or others will offer essential oils to the skin.They are applied at this stage.

C. Day Moisturizer

+ If your daytime moisturizer does not have SPF, add a face sunscreen at least SPF 30.

If you have a tinted cream, first apply your moisturizer regularly as a tinted cream is not enough nutrition to be applied alone.

D. Eye Cream


5 minute break



Step 3) Make complexion

A. Base makeup face

It increases the holding of the foundation. May have other properties such as bang, a lifting effect, matting, which tightens pores, etc..

B. Base makeup eyes

Increases keeping eyelids makeup. May also have anti-wrinkle properties, liftantes, etc..

C. Liquid Foundation or cream

If you have a foundation powder, wait to Step E

D. Concealer

E. loose powder or compact

If you have a powder foundation, it replaces this step.

F. Bronzing Powder

If you apply directly on the liquid foundation, it plaquerait, it is essential to have a basic powdered neutral.

G. Blush.



Step 4) Eye Makeup

A. Eyeshadow eye

If cosmetics cream finish, apply powder blush before

B. Eye Pencil or liquid eyeliner

C. Pencil, gel, cream or powder eyebrow

D. Mascara



Step 5) Makeup lips

A. Base Lip

Sometimes with other properties in addition to holding the red-to-mouth as a plumping effect, wrinkle, etc..

B. pencil lip contour

C. Lipstick

D. Gloss



Step 6) Attach the makeup

Several companies offer misters fixing makeup. We would use at this stage, ie at the end.





It is essential to remove makeup before going to bed for the night, the skin goes into a regeneration phase and this is where it will need good nutrients. Makeup leaves a residue on the skin that may cause pimples and / or blackheads. Even if it is three o’clock in the morning, if you do not have 5 minutes for your evening routine, I suggest you obtain pre-soaked wipes cleansing. There is a wide variety on the market. You can even facial once in your bed! Now you’ll have no excuses …



Step 1) Cleansing

A. Cleansing facial cream or milk

It is applied all over the face (except the eyes) and made ​​movements with your hands to pressure well “take off” makeup. We made ​​a small pause of about a minute, then remove with a cotton pad.

B. Eye make up

It soaks slices of cotton is applied gently on the eyes and the product was allowed to act without rubbing for a few seconds, then makes a downward motion not to tear the eyelashes or eye irritation.

C. Cleansing gel or foam

These products require a water rinse.

Those little face makeup can settle this stage (without going through the cleansing cream or milk), but those who use foundation and correctors should always step A.

The reverse can also be done if there is very little makeup, especially for those who have dry or sensitive skin, that is to say, we will steps A and B, then skip to Step D to the tonic.

D. Tonic

The tonic will remove any residue that may have survived the cleansing and prepares the skin to receive the best night cream.



Step 2) Hydration and nutrition

E. Serum

F. Night Cream

The night cream works differently than the day cream. It further restorative properties and / or nutritive days while that favors the protection. Can not be interchanged.

G. Eye Cream

H. Lip treatment

Do not forget your lips! During the night, they regenerate like the rest of your skin.

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