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The right toothbrush

In the market, there are now a variety of toothbrushes. Whether you prefer to use a manual or an electric toothbrush is a matter of taste.

Today we have a choice of many variants of toothbrushes.Whether manual, electric, or even with different degrees of hardness, normal or X-bristles.Buyer are in place for all possible number of principles that make up a good brush.Once she is good in the hand to easily reach all locations and have rounded plastic bristles so that bacteria can not settle so easily.The head should be small, because then you better come in nooks and crannies.Every four to eight weeks for a new toothbrush should be used, because after this period decreases the cleaning power by up to 30 percent.Also, worn bristles hurt the gums and give germs a chance to accumulate.

Manual or electric toothbrushes?
Still, the manual toothbrush is the most common variant.They come in a short head and a replaceable head toothbrush brush.The latter has the advantage that after wear not the entire brush, but the brush head to be replaced and thus less harmful plastic waste occurs.
More popular but also the electrical toothbrushes.Experts advise to purchase increasingly expensive to purchase such a brush.According to the doctors, the benefits are a much more effective cleaning power by rapid rotation of the brush heads.Again, there are a wide range of different models and grades.

The correct cleaning and bristle hardness
A wrong technique to hard pressure while brushing or an unfavorable choice can brush your teeth while cleaning more harm than good.This is often the cause of today’s increasingly evident gingival recession, especially with very hygiene-conscious people who clean often several times a day the teeth.If you have sensitive teeth and gums, you should rely on in any case, soft bristles, because the risk is reduced considerably.Except the right toothbrush and the technology is crucial.And should we start the toothbrush at a 45 degree angle to the gums and brush away with a slightly vibrating movements thereof.On the upper jaw from the top downwards, and in which the lower jaw vice versa.Thus, the gums will’ve protected, but also massages and simultaneously stimulates the circulation.At the inner sides of the rows of teeth makes it well.The cleaning of the surfaces is done by simply buying back and forth brush.After consuming acidic foods, such as fruit, you should wait about 20 minutes before you brush your teeth or rinse your mouth out before thoroughly with water.
As a sole cleaning with the brush does not reach between teeth, is also recommended to use dental floss or interdental brushes.


The right toothbrush

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