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The secret for ultra-soft lips

With the cold does not seem to want to leave, several readers ask me how to avoid rough lips, desquamated, cracked, chapped, etc.. And it seems that these days I get over there more questions than usual. There is no magic or miracle cure, there are simple things. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, as the advertisements say …

1. Never lick your lips

Many have this bad habit. Sometimes it is a gesture of nervousness. It is imperative to do everything to avoid.The trick: just like people who bite their nails, just take a few months a product that tastes bitter lips. Yep, it exists.

Even though when you wet the lips, it seems that they are more flexible and moisturizes with our saliva, it is rather the opposite effect occurs. If you have dry lips, use a lip product rather than spending your language above.

2. Wear something on your lips at all times

Many of us wear lip gloss or lip balm during the day, but at night, after brushing teeth, goes to bed with nothing on the lips. The basic beauty routine is to apply a huge, gigantic, gargantuan layer of lip balm before going to bed, and spend the whole night with this spread.

Day, for those who wear lipstick, the problem is easier to manage, since often enough to make alterations after meals or beverages. But for carrying gloss (which are more numerous than the carrying lipstick), it is often thought to make alterations because the gloss does not last long. Once you feel that your gloss begins to narrow and become less bright make a rework. Do not wait to have nothing more, because this is where the lips are dry.

3. Protect your lips from the sun

Rare are those who believe in protecting their lips from the sun. As well as for the rest of our skin, the sun dries much lips. It can be very easy to catch a sunburn on the lips. Sometimes we do not realize it. Lips were burning and a tad dry and rough, and we wonder why.

So as soon as you point out the nose for a long time, wear a lip product opaque (opaque products automatically filter the sun) or is translucid, with an SPF in it. So for carrying lipstick, you have once again easier than others … Practice does not always follow the trend … lol: o)

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