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The secrets of a successful first date

Analysis of the situation:
Often, the first appointment that you have with a person proves to be crucial for the sustainability of a relationship. Therefore, every effort must be made to that first appointment a success.

Keep in mind that this may be one of the best occasions to show who you really are and what we say or do will certainly have an impact on what the person thinks of us. Hence the importance of making a good impression and convince the person that you are a good person, even you are made for each other.

So be sure to never be late for your first date because the person who has waited to make a fairly poor opinion of you and the rest of the evening may be a fiasco. Instead of being late, plan instead a quarter of an hour in advance and arrive with roses. You probably know that women do not like to wait and that they like to cons roses and all that is romantic. So you will make one stone.

In that it is the place where you find, choose a romantic place.Engage in conversation while trying to discover what the passionate, eg their interests, projects, etc.. You find commonalities. This will for sure in your favor because it will tell you almost like the same things.

Before leaving home, make sure that you stay well flavored and well relaxed because if you look tense, the person will feel embarrassed and it means that you are not at ease in his company. Do not hesitate to give compliments, either on her dress or her eyes, because that will allow you to score points and it will fall under your spell. Show him that you enjoy being in his company. At the end of the evening, the raccompagnez or put in a taxi you pay yourself. And then make sure it is returned to the caller. It will be affected by these small gestures and say that you care about her and that you are a true gentleman.

As long as you have done all this, your first appointment will be a success.

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