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The sunday nail battle / / Braided Nails!

At first I was not really excited because I am a stickler for straight line in general, and a big fan of scotch.But ultimately I like, even if the lines are not straight and super clean, it does not absolutely disturbing.All this to say: do not panic if you do not get to do stuff cut with a razor while you realize, once completed we see that the heat and AC makes good anyway.

So much for my participation! As usual, do not hesitate to go see the other participants blogs for me is what I will do now! Good Sunday to all, of kisses <3

The sunday nail battle / / Braided Nails!

Well hello nailarteuses Sunday! Today, SNB, Odile , 10tubes , love, community, joy, coughed and coughed.The theme was so much a nail art trend right now, because the mats in the hair madness, we turn to mats on our nails. I find it really cool and I loved the theme achieve, although initially I tangled brush (so to say) I finally understand the trick, not complicated at all, and by me out. Presentation of the stars of the day:

I chose to use new hyper colors for me. Coral, turquoise blue pastel almost mint, and silver. I tell myself that ca might surprise you a bit. No? In order we have For Audrey and China Glaze Pink Plumeria and Excalibur A England. Care must be taken to choose well pigmented colors, history of not having to go 10 times to have some kind of coverage.

To achieve, nothing super complicated once you “chopper” the trick. Practise on a onglier before you embark on your nails if you are unsure of you! And it’s a tad long, so go make your pee BEFORE you braider your nails. Even if you’ve already seen two hundred tutorials on technical, here’s a gif, which I hope, will help you with your order of different lines.

It is laaaargement brush base varnish, so no need for special equipment. This is an important item! Here’s what it’s been given to me:

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