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The tongue – tongue scraper provide real oral hygiene

Although the tongue of our culturally important body parts is whether kissing or taste, they often learn little attention in oral hygiene. A tongue scraper can help.

Doctors have long since discovered that many of the bacterial plaque is the cause of bad breath, gum disease and diseases of the mouth on the tongue surface.The surface of the tongue is, as a kind of sponge, the ideal breeding ground for fungi and bacteria, which multiply and block the gun.
Two-thirds of the entire oral cavity bacteria found on the tongue.The coating on it from food particles, saliva, buccal cells and microorganisms is the perfect food and livelihoods.

Daily cleaning of the tongue required
Anyone who has ever wondered, why he or she has bad breath when the teeth are cleaned but a model should look at his own tongue even closer.The plaque on it can not wash away completely.The least they should do what one is to brush after brushing the tongue surface.Which method should be an exception.For the whole bacteria, which are so scrubbed end up on the bristles of the toothbrush and get so maybe the next cleaning process under the gums.In addition, the cleaning with the brush is not nearly as thorough as with a tongue scraper.

The tongue scraper
It is available in different versions.For example, there are toothbrushes with an integral tongue scraper, ie cleaning fins on the back of the brush head.Since the area of ​​this scraper is very small but it is not a perfect device for cleaning represents best is still a special tongue scraper that is not too small, and ideally has the softest possible slats.Since it is flat as a toothbrush, it is also better to the rear area of ​​the tongue, where a brush causes otherwise easily a gag reflex.

Gently scraping the pavement
For the right cleaning method is given to the tongue scraper as far back against the surface of the tongue and wipes in long strips from front to back from the pavement.Here you need not press hard.That would only hurt the sensitive taste buds.In this way one scrapes from the whole surface.Then clean the tongue scraper to clean water is not forgotten.
Besides, who has a clean tongue, also gets a finer sense of taste, because the lining often interferes with the sense of taste.

The tongue - tongue scraper provide real oral hygiene

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