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The Top 5 beauty tips for brides

The Top 5 beauty tips for brides
The Top 5 beauty tips for brides

All we dream of THE wedding dress that we will value and we will divinely! But beware: the dress is not everything! No question of neglecting our skin or our make-up and not about to start taking care of yourself two days before the wedding! So here’s the top 5 beauty tips that I can only recommend that you follow to the letter …

1. A little “round”, you dream of losing 5 pounds before the big day?

Bad idea! Because the measurements of your wedding dress have already been taken and that a difference of 5 pounds will not go unnoticed. Your wedding dress will no longer fit and fell in it will not be as impeccable.

My advice? Lose weight (but do not have delusions of grandeur!) Before you begin the fitting of your wedding dress. And at fittings, specify the story that the seams are not adjusted to the millimeter if you reperdriez small 1 or 2 pounds!

2. You intend to pluck the eve of your wedding?

Bad idea! Skin tends to react and blush, then I really do not advise you to try!

My advice? Go to the beautician 4-5 days before the wedding.

3. You intend to do a course of UV to be tanned on the day of your wedding?

Bad idea! Expected of a bride it is natural: nothing worse than a married ultra tanned! And as long as your sweetheart does not follow you in your escapades in tanning booths, it will look good pâlichon next to you!

My advice? You do not want to have a pale face on the day of your wedding, I understand very well! But as always, everything in moderation! So if you really can catch some rays in organizing your wedding, bet on tanning or UV make only a few sessions. The goal is not to be tanned before going on honeymoon at the time of return!

4. You think the waterproof mascara is useless?

Bad idea! Even if you think paying a small tear is not your style, do not be so sure about the question! Emotions it does not control, and at such a time, the risks are there!

My advice? No hesitation to choose the waterproof mascara ! You’ll save yourself a lot of trouble!

5. You intend to “put the package” level up?

Bad idea! As always, rely more on the natural. Too much makeup, we spoil the desired effect.Eye makeup: very good idea! Want to highlight his mouth: super! But beware, it’s either one or the other! Nothing worse than the “too much”!

My advice Highlight your strengths! Beautiful teeth and a bright smile: makeup lips.Mischievous eyes and a seductive glance: emphasize your eyes!


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