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The top anti-cellulite foods

Fight against cellulite is fill his plate with the right foods. Plurielles.fr shows you the top anti-cellulite foods. A low cellulite.

The celery

Because of its bitter substances, celery is not the most glamorous food to eat. Yet it is one of the best foods to eat to fight against cellulite. Thanks to its diuretic, laxative and digestive, celery activates fat metabolism and reduces cellulite. Another considerable advantage, celery reduces appetite and can make disappear some of the fat in the stool. The ideal is to consume this food input. The fact that it reduces your appetite then allows you to reduce the proportions of other dishes.

Star of anti-cellulite foods, asparagus is completely devoid of fat and it is also one of the foods most rich in fiber and minerals. In addition, thanks to its powerful diuretic, this vegetable fight against water retention.
The Onion

And yes, who would have thought. Onion is part of the anti-cellulite foods. It stimulates the digestive system, lowers blood sugar in the blood and regenerates the veins and arteries. This is a real asset to cook healthy all the sauces.
The red fruit

Because they stimulate blood circulation and protect cells by their antioxidant action, the berries are powerful enemies in the fight against cellulite. They are also an excellent source of Vitamin P. This vitamin allows to strengthen the integrity and elasticity of blood vessels.
Green tea

Unfermented tea made from the dried leaves of the tea plant, green tea has virtues both diuretic and slimming. Real asset health, tea also stimulates lipolysis, which promotes the elimination of fat and removal of accumulated fat in the wrong places in the body. Its health benefits of green tea are our best ally thinness . Her little more? It is also a great help against heart disease and cholesterol.
Whole grains

Rich in dietary fiber, whole grains facilitate the elimination of bad fats stored in the wrong places (buttocks, hips and abdomen). They are also a good source of antioxidants.

To combat cellulite with a smile, eaten with pleasure a banana. Thanks to its high potassium, this exotic fruit has a stimulating effect which acts on the circulatory system and helps fight against water retention.

The top anti-cellulite foods

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