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The tracer most accurate eyebrow!

I had several years turned their backs on eyebrow pencils in favor of makeup powder eyebrow. I found the effect less natural, texture dry and difficult to apply, and their peak too big giving a look “designed”.

But I recently changed my mind since I tried the new Skinny eyebrows EyelinerAnnabelle. I now use it every day and I love the result!

First, its advanced automatic (no need to sharpen it) is much smaller than regular automatic pencils. It is in fact a “micro-pencil” shrink. Simply slide the tip slightly on a handkerchief if you want a mine ultra sharp, but so far I have used this and what I found quite fine.

Then its creamy texture glides on skin for easy application. It is therefore quite different from the usual eyebrow pencils that are so dry that they almost scrape the skin upon application. Draw the eyebrows is now much faster.

Finally, three universal shades adapt to the color of our hair and our eyebrows for a perfectly natural, never too makeup and just enough defined.

Other advantages: its opposite end, there is a plastic comb, different brushes, blurring the pencil effect melted and brush hairs easily. In addition, it is long-lasting and waterproof. 100% matte finished his hair and reproduces the color is rich and well pigmented. It contains no parabens and is hypoallergenic.

And the icing on the cake: it is offered at $ 8.95 CAD.

Pointe du Skinny VS Traceur rétractable ou automatique traditionnel

Skinny peak (bottom) Retractable Eyeliner VS traditional or automatic (top)

Available in Light Universal, Universal Medium (color I tested) and Universal Dark, now in stores Annabelle.

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