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The Truth About Mineral Makeup

We know almost all mineral makeup now. Normally, it became a real madness! Many of us have even tried.Some were delighted, others disappointed. In fact, there are so many mineral products to date, we no longer know what to choose, what brand to turn, and if mineral makeup is really worth the effort.

I personally discovered mineral makeup in 2005 (a bit late as many, because the technology exists since the 70s!). A friend worked in a beauty salon as a makeup artist, and she used a brand I know: Yougblood. What caught my attention was when my spoken finish these wonderful products created. She had managed to hide the tattoos of a bride 100%, and leaving a super natural look only using the corrector and the mineral foundation over it. I was impressed! I just had to try this type of product.

Some time later, I saw an infomercial on television, a brand called Sheer Cover, and the woman who had created this brand name as Youngblood. I thought it was maybe a link. So I ordered the kit, and I was, from that moment, a fan of mineral makeup.

Another brand that popularized the wave is mineral Bare Minerals (Bare Escentuals). The brand has earned a place in the market by being among the first to distribute their products on a large scale.

In fact, what makes mineral makeup has raised much in the market, are the key words put forward by the brands marketed in the beginning: natural products, designed from minerals of the earth, without chemicals, preservatives, perfect for sensitive skin or problems, ultra natural finish …

But there is a but. Like any trend, sometimes the road is a bit away from the goal, and when it becomes too popular, many companies will use the word “mineral” excessive, just as marketing, without regard to the nature of the first what should be the true mineral makeup. And this is where I started to become disillusioned about the mineral name (not mineral as such by cons, but I learned that we should not buy “mineral” without asking questions).

Moreover, we will consider how easily it is possible to afford a mineral foundation $ 10, while others are sold at $ 100.

One also wonders how much opinions may differ. We hear mention consuming a foundation or mineral powder has dried their skin, have irritated, made red, the effect was not natural, etc..

So what is the truth, in all this? Here’s what I know.

The problem with the fact that the mineral is so popular, is the lack of standards in cosmetics. What rules say that a particular product has the right to be called mineral? In fact, there are, but they are so low that any product could almost qualify mineral. And again, it depends on the country in which the product is marketed.

Here, the product must contain a mineral and does not contain talc. Easy! Many cosmetics, even if they are not all minerals can contain minerals. For decades, is used as an ingredient in several mica powders to create a luminous finish. It turns out that the mica mineral.

The company for which he worked a friend a few years ago, marketing a loose powder eyeshadow that was not qualified mineral. However, a few studies (once company executives realized they were going to miss the wave of mineral), it was realized that these cosmetics could be described as “mineral” because of certain ingredients and non-talc content. A few months later, the makeup of the same company were labeled “mineral”, while the formulation has not changed at all. And this was the case for several cosmetic brands.

So we realize that it is not because a product is called “mineral” it is 100% mineral and good for the skin.

But in fact, what is good for the skin in the mineral?

Often, the reaction of the skin to a product may be caused by chemicals, perfumes, preservatives, etc.. So, a mineral (which should not normally have), should at least avoid these factors. In addition, the product contains more minerals, less bacteria love to live there. Therefore, there is less bacteria, less problematic skin will react. Also, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, the minerals found very frequently in mineral makeup, have anti-inflammatory properties. Also, minerals are non-c0médogènes, therefore not clogging pores not it also avoids minor annoyances.

But what if the mineral product that you purchased is not 100% mineral or contains chemicals? What it gives you say? The answer is nothing. If your product contains only a few minerals and is free of talc, can we say that you will get the same results as 100% mineral product? Not sure.

But unfortunately, these products do not contain minerals as 2-3 (usually mica, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide), but a host of chemicals are quite right to be sold as a product mineral. So if you rely on a single test with one of these products, it is normal that you have probably not enjoyed your experience.

Also, all minerals are not necessarily natural. There are some products called “minerals” in the mineral makeup that does not come from any of the earth! This is particularly the case of bismuth oxychloride, a processed product used to give a glowing effect to makeup, but at the bottom, can be irritating to the skin (it is recognized as such). So if you have sensitive skin, it is likely that you will have itching, irritation, redness, etc.. Some people have even had pimples caused by this ingredient.

We must therefore choose mineral makeup if you want to take advantage of its true properties. The secret is to read the list of ingredients. Beware and keep vigilant. Do not rely on every time the allegations “Natural” or “pure mineral foundation” to make your selection.

Also, be careful with products “minerals” other than powders. It is impossible to create a lipstick or a liquid foundation only based minerals. I’m not saying they are dangerous. I say only that they may bring no advantage over a product of the same category would be “non-mineral”.

By cons, you should know that there are still brands that produce mineral foundations designed primarily from real minerals and contains no chemical. So I find it unfortunate that these brands are not entitled to compete for regulation of cosmetic giants, who want to enjoy the great popularity of the word mineral, but wanting to reduce their costs to a minimum.

So, until a regulation (which is not likely to happen any time soon), be vigilant and make sure you choose your mineral makeup. It is worth for you to have a good experience!

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