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The “yes” and “no” as each sign of the zodiac

The "yes" and "no" as each sign of the zodiac

According to the characteristics of each sign of the zodiac, we give you good advice.


Improve your relationships!

Bear in mind the people you meet each sign … and learn to relate to them!


12 signs, some features to consider. Discover the YES and NO!


– They are attractive people and conquering.

– Aman sincerity.
– They are righteous people.
– Demonstrate enthusiasm in what they do.
Not  – Do not assume that they can be wrong
– A Aries people their mistakes cost them.
– They are very loyal and passionate in love, but they are not amorous.
– Do not usually show their feelings.
– It is hard not to agree with them.




Yes                                                                                                                                                                                                          – They are stable people.
– They like group activities.
– They are not shy people.
– Appreciate the beauty of things.
– They are good artists, so you can share your skills with this sign.
– They are funny beings, with which you can have a good time.

– They tend to get angry easily.
– Do not have much luck in what they undertake, but they try again.
– Are reasonable, but aggressive when they get involved in trouble.
– Are possessive, you should not give emotional freedom can not commit to them.



– They are intellectual and versatile, enjoy his company
– They are good colleagues, are ingenious
– They are reliable, good for business.
– They need to be stimulated.
– Maintain long term relationships.
– Are people communication.

– They are the most stable
– They do many things at once, so it can sometimes disappoint.
– They are restless, and can generate insecurities.
– Need of updates, can hinder your relationships.


– They have mood swings
– Are people fun
– Enjoying good times.
– They are temperamental and make decisions, you will Buenso advice.
– They are friendly.

– You must be careful with what you say, with very sensitive
– They tend to feel hurt easily, you must be cautious with this sign.
– Watch your emotions and feelings.
– They are vulnerable, they need your care.




– They have good manners, you will share good encounters with this sign.
– Take their advice, they are very reliable.
– They are good partners.
– I will care.
– They want to attract and care for others, you should pay attention.

– Do not hurt your ego.
– Do not forgive betrayal.
– The pride and vanity, may be its defects.
– Avoid contradict them when they get angry.
– There are usually people who know how to handle the troubles.
– When you get angry, leave them alone.

– They are very methodical.
– They have a great sense of duty, you can trust the people of Virgo.
– They are good partners.
– They are interested in what they do, enjoy activities with people of Virgo.
– You can trust Virgo.


– Not often assume their mistakes easily.
– They are shy and reserved, do not expect lot of affection.
– Do not tell their secrets, do not insist.
– Enjoy your time alone, you should not pursue Virgo.



– They need peace and harmony in all relationships.
– Enjoy good times with Libra.
– Are people collaborating.
– Help you with whatever you need, at all times.
– It’s a funny sign.

– Always looking arguments are not good to argue.
– Aman fight, so you can not beat them.
– They are competitive people.
– Not good for gaming companies, and they hate losing.
– They hesitate, and do not usually make quick decisions. Do not expect that from them!
– Do not rush this sign!



– Enjoy relationships are Scorpio, put passion and enthusiasm.
– I can connect easily with this sign.
– Connect with these people, you will do well.
– They are loyal, you can trust these people.
– You can share many things with them.

– They are possessive people, who often have free relationships.
– They may pressure you, you should be careful.
– They are jealous.
– Are people suspicious.
– There are good people to discuss, they always want to be right.
– Are mysterious, can generarte insecurity.



– It is a sign that inspires happiness, you’ll have fun.
– They are enthusiastic.
– They will help to lift your mood.
– They are frank and direct people.
– They are optimistic, they will give good advice.

– No support bonds, are very independent.
– No negative tolerated.
– Do not argue with this sign, does not serve you.
– Are people exaggerated, do not trust everything they say.
– They tend to be offended, be careful what you tell them.



Yes S
– As one of the strongest and most reliable signs, we recommend you trust your finances to members of this sign.
– If you need order and organization, this is the sign that can help you!
– They have high standards, are demanding.
– If you need advice, are the right people.

– Do not expect big displays of affection
– Are people booked on feelings.
– They are not exaggerated.
– They are very tidy and gets screwed by forgetfulness and carelessness … not make them angry.
– Do not spend too much. Beings are very thrifty, and take care of their finances.



– They are friendly and sociable
– Aman outputs and fun
– Beings are extroverts.
– Know about many subjects.
– They have a wide view of life.
– They are faithful to friends.

– There are simple, everyday things or plan.
– They are risk takers, do not expect to be satisfied with little.
– They are unpredictable, do not expect this sign up.
– Not easy to find fun, get bored.
– Not often reveal deeper feelings.


– If you need good advice, is a sensitive sign and charming.
– Comply with everything and everyone.
– Appreciate the feelings of others, and demonstrate their own.
– They have great intuitive powers.
– Are people dreaming
– They are good lovers

– They are dreamers, do not expect plans with low expectations
– They are ambitious, non-conformist
– They have no real desire for economic wealth
– They are very sensitive s, you must be attentive to their feelings … not neglect them!

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