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There is a color that reflects your personality

There is a color that reflects your personality

Did you know that there is a color that reflects your personality …? Discover here what color you are! Did you know that there is a color that reflects your personality? and if you know your color and you include it in your daily life, ALL you can do much better. The color is much more than a palette for use in makeup, clothing, decoration, in personal tastes, etc.. There is a theory that every nuance of the color spectrum, it sends a vibration that connects to the Chakra (energy center) of your body. When the chakra is out of balance can be re-balanced color absorbing vibrations. We all respond to the vibrations of color, the same emotional psychologically, since the colors can stimulate mood and change. So … you should know that there is a color that reflects your personality and the way you express your strength and your weaknesses, and of course if you include it in your daily activities, your love life, emotional and even professional will benefit and your life will more positive and secure.

Do you know What is Yours?

To get your color you have to reduce your date of birth to a single digit. For example, if you were born on December 22, 1950, you have to get the numbers as follows, The first two digits and you – 22 – equivalent to the day after the incumbent December digits – 12 – that equivalent to the twelfth month of the year, and then – 1950 – which are the digits of your birth year. Then you’ll have to add up all the digits: 2 +2 +1 +2 +1 +9 +5 +0 = 22, then 2 +2 = 4. A number would 4.

1 RED: You can not help always give notice. Red is a color that gets a lot of attention and demand action. Red People are passionate, live the moment and likes to experience anything new, but it has a very short attention span. They are also direct and honest, and although people may not like what they say or think, at least I know what they are in accordance with them. Save your emotions can make them ill. In terms of work, are better leaders than followers and often prefer to be their own bosses.

2 ORANGE: Orange People are very emotional and sensitive to the feelings of others. Advantageous hate people, making them mediators and perfect and very suitable for a career in consulting, community work or politics. They are extremely sociable and relaxed attitude makes fun people with whom everyone wants to be, even though they know very well when to take seriously as cos. The people of this color can make evident features in the other, that they choose to ignore, and so sometimes people can get around them. Its weakness is the low esteem when they feel depressed, food becomes your emotional lifeline, just eat like crazy, maybe not eat anything.

3 YELLOW: Yellow People have a brain and if they are privileged with minds like yours are easily bored. They can have a fun and verbally acute, though sometimes can become “lazy”. If what they say does not reveal what they feel, their expression will. The books are attracted a lot, but once they understand the story or the theme, leave. They are excellent writers when his mind is far ahead of their actions. Journalism is an activity that can funcionarles, because they may have the ability to turn the most boring news into something stellar. His meticulous nature can work well in professions such as accounting, finance, marketing and computers. They are prone to insomnia because it has stimulated the left side of the brain, making your mind alert, even at night.

4 GREEN: Personal space is very important for green people. They like the company, but they have to flee when they feel trapped, they act first and fixing the consequences until later. They believe in order and take time to collect his thoughts. They prefer to work their way in company. If you are own employees, plan ahead and do not take risks. If something breaks its working structure or modus operandi, do not say anything, but the tension is reflected in his shoulders and back. They are hung by their emotions and professions. Eventually, require physical cleaning and deep. The perfect race for green people are aromatherapy, gardening and florist.

5 BLUE: The blue people are very good at telling stories. They have a vivid imagination and a maternal instinct that attracts children. His great power to heal can make outstanding doctors or nurses. They have a great need to communicate and it does not happen often get the flu or throat. Truth and honesty are essential to them, so they lose all confidence when someone betrays. They are stubborn and defend their beliefs to the end, what makes them good discussion. The music is your key to relaxation.

6 INDIGO: They are deep and mysterious. No one is sure who they really are. People involved absolutely indigo something, or full are left out. They like to offer help and comfort, but it is very difficult to order them as correspondence. They have very well toned your sixth sense, think of a person and they called in a few minutes on the phone and have many precognitive dreams. They can be good psychotherapists. They are always optimistic and see the positive in any situation. They are prone to hormonal imbalances.

7 VIOLET: People violets are ideal to pursue a career in fashion, interior design or fine arts. The way they get to choose the most expensive stores have to do with his good eye for quality. From his powerful imagination constantly flowing creativity and sometimes reality and fantasy blend, which makes them perfect for entertainment. If your work does not meet your creative desires, your wild imagination can be extrapolated and sometimes feel they do not fit in anywhere, even with your family and friends. Purple People are prone to headaches and feel like “wave removed”. The suppress their creativity can cause arthritis.

8 ROSA: Are the perfect hosts and make people feel a great time at their homes. They can return the most common ingredients in a gourmet meal. People rose almost always move from where he was born and only returns to visit, never to live there again. They believe that everything is connected on some level. They prefer others to take the baton of the race, although they belong. They see the potential in any person and try to guide them in the right direction, whether it works or romantically. The administration is perfect for them. They are patient and understanding, but one day they will explode like a volcano. They tend to keep the tension in the lower body, so when they feel tense, you should exercise.

9 GOLD: Everybody wants to approach people “golden”. When they were children, adults trusted them and told them their unknown secrets hidden. They can be exceptional teachers and use their personal experience to make your very special approaches. They have an incredible talent of everyone learns, but them. They are perfectionists and demand a lot from themselves. Failure is almost unacceptable and see vulnerability as a weakness. Therefore, show your emotions can be a difficulty. So sometimes suffer flu symptoms – but no, influence and have problems with your immune system.

Discover your color and your friends and family, be a good entertainment, so you can know yourself more.

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