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This man you like a lot, but a question arises: is he single?

Here are some clues to help you identify it as a couple.

1. It has a ring on her finger.

The first thing to look at when a man please! It is not difficult to take a discreet look at his left hand. If he has a ring on the left ring, do not touch he is married …

2. It does not concern you or very little.

If a man does little or looks at you, or you do not interested, or he is in a relationship and he prefers not to watch you.

3. It is not in intimate conversations.

If a man does not seek to know more about you outside the context in which you befriend the (work, friends), he does not try to learn a little more about you so …It’s probably taken and prefer to stay surface of things. Either he is not interested.

4. He isolates himself to talk on the phone.

It is often glued to his phone to write messages. If away to talk when it receives a call. There are many chances for it to be a couple.

5. It is never available on weekends.

Men in couples who are in a serious relationship often spend their weekends with their partner. If a man offers to see you but only the week, ask you questions …

6. He seems very interested in you but does nothing.

It has happened to me once. A man seemed very interested in me, he was embarrassed by my presence, looked at me and gave me a lot of smiles. For months I wondered why he did not ask for my number, I thought he might be shy. But I eventually learned from someone else that it was a couple. So if you like it a lot for a man but it does not make the first move, chances are it is in torque.

7. He often says “we” or “us.”

If often utters the words “we” and “us” in a sentence, it must not only be a couple more but this is serious example sentences “on.”:

  • “Wait a while before moving it comes to redecorate our apartment ‘”
  • “This weekend we biked, it was too much. ‘

So much for the small clues, and know that sometimes the best way to know if someone is single is to ask either him or his entourage!


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