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Tips and tricks for makeup like a pro

Makeup like a pro after a good clean skin, apply a light bulb to ensure the holding, and applied in this order: foundation, powder, eyebrow pencil, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, lip liner, and blush.Makeup like a pro, it is better to skip the greasy creams that change colors, and most importantly, avoid the eye contour cream on the eyelid.

Colors and textures to select

  • The choice of colors will vary depending on the color of the eyes, skin and clothing. Makeup like a pro day: orange, blush or “nude” will be perfect. For evening makeup pro, dare opaque textures, opt for a clear complexion and a true red.
  • The basic foundation of all makeup, apply with a sponge, the center of the face outwards.Allow to dry before proceeding to the next step. Fade if necessary. Makeup like a pro is going to choose a good quality powder, light, neutral color, put it in the puff on the face and neck.The blush should be above suspicion, in agreement with the color of lipstick, and be placed high on the cheekbone.

Eye makeup and lips

  • Draw in pencil eyebrows sec. Apply a contrasting shade or shades with eye color on the eyelid, then a clearer under the eyebrow eyeliner kohl and apply on the skin from the outside inward, and up to half of the eye.
  • Makeup like a pro, should color the outline of the mouth holding the lip pencil diagonally, reworking the volumes. The color depends on the skin. Tip lipsticks: chestnuts make it appear whiter teeth. Pass the lipstick with a brush, then bite a tissue. The gloss goes on applicator.
  • Last tip: choose to emphasize the eyes or mouth, not both!

Tips and tricks for makeup like a pro


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