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Tips for bleaching of hair.

These tips for bleaching her hair are only for already blond hair that you want to intensify the color as well as brown hair

These tips for bleaching her hair does not apply to very dark hair, brown or black.If your hair is one of the three colors and you want to go blonde, it will make a discoloration followed by staining preferably carried out in a hair salon.For people who just want to intensify their blond hair there are two options: the natural method and the chemical method.Here are some tips for bleaching her hair effectively.

Natural Methods

  • Advice to brown the hair presented here require no coloration or discoloration and does not affect hair health. A very simple method is to spend time in the sun, which will clarify.
  • It is not going to expose long hours in the sun, as this can be dangerous to the skin, but to enjoy its rays during your walks (or your holiday by the sea or the mountain ) and combine them with sea water when washing your hair so that blondissent.
  • Another method for bleaching her hair naturally lies in the application of lightening lotion. This is the lemon juice applied to wet hair after shampooing (It is possible to dilute the lemon juice in the rinse water for softness) and chamomile tea used in the same way before dry hair.
  • Among the advice for bleaching his hair, he is also applying hair masks weekly.
  • Both recipes called for in the context of a natural lightening mask is honey and yogurt, very economical to compose himself, or mask henna blond associated with a nourishing.
  • It is recommended for use in combination with advice for bleaching her hair presented above, which have the disadvantage of drying them in the short term.


  • Here are some tips for bleaching her hair more pronounced and faster.
  • Many products with the aim of lightening fast hair are commercially available.
  • They are found generally in the form of spray or shampoo. They are often made from natural products but contain chemicals linked to their mode of production.
  • Some have a definitive effect, so be vigilant (e) when purchasing.

Tips for bleaching of hair.

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