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Tips for choosing the night cream

To choose the night cream you must first know its value, then select based on their assets, and their skin type.

The need for a night cream
If the night cream is not mandatory, it has in any case a particular purpose, is that repair cells attack the day and reduce blemishes.When the need arises to apply a night cream, it is not possible to use a day cream night for example, because it has only one function of hydration.During the night the skin is more receptive, so this is the best time for the active ingredients act to increase cell regeneration and the benefits of sleep.This can be for wrinkles, spots, to nourish, strengthen, soothe, relax, or to treat other imperfections, provided good cleansing skin before applying.

Choose a night cream
The first thing to define is to properly select the type of skin to define its needs: dry, normal, combination or oily.For dry skin, the cream should contain active soothing, moisturizing, soothing like aloe vera.For oily skin, rather, must purify cream with zinc for example, organic ingredients and essential oils that are gentle on the skin.Should not hesitate to seek advice from a professional beauty, a saleswoman in perfumery or esthetician to determine your skin type.Age is also an important element, the skin may be more or less mature, and night creams specific repair the skin that need to be renewed.

Tips for choosing the night cream

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