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If you’ve ever been in a relationship that went wrong because of Facebook, you must take a look below. You might not believe me when I say that there are tons of things to love Facebook and rules for things you can do and what you can not do on Facebook, but there are. These tips can really save your love relationship and make sure you do not overstep the limits. After all, why would you put yourself at risk due to a social media site?

1. Do not flaunt A FIGHT ON FACEBOOK

Waves statutes, statutes that make people think you’re in a fight or are ostensibly directed towards your partner are not good. Love tips for Facebook should all start with this rule – for why people pull in your fight? Why do people pull in something they have nothing to do? Keep fighting and statues waves off girls Facebook, you will be better! 2. ISSUES OF STATE

Believe it or not, we really are in an era of technology and the state of your relationship actually matters. After all, you do not want your boyfriend in a relationship with an ex on Facebook right? Status issues and if you indicate only on Facebook, why be in a relationship?What are you looking for?

3. DELETE IMAGES former partners

Another trick great love for Facebook is all about deleting old photos of your ex. Girls, you would not have that old photos of his ex on his Facebook account would you do? So why do you want? Delete and replace them with a bunch of pictures of you two!

4. PHOTOS MARKING careful when

Guys, this is for you! You always want to be careful when you are marking your girlfriend in a photo. Make sure she knows she is pretty or that it is a picture of her. You never, ever wanted to show him into something she is not comfortable or she does not think she is pretty in.

5. AFFECTION line is a must

Is that your girlfriend or boyfriend every wall post and yet you do not see the answer or even reading it? Love online is a huge part of a relationship these days and even if you’re not a big fan of Facebook, if your partner is, you have to give it up and show them some love online!

6. Unfriend EXES

Why, I ask you honestly, why do you need to be friends with your ex? Do you need to see him with someone else? If you can, unfriend your ex so that you can not only move on, but for your boyfriend or girlfriend does not return today if you happen to like something of theirs or if they like something thing about you.


Never, never, never start a fight on Facebook. They are stupid and frankly, you will find yourself taking in the views that you never wanted to shoot in. The girls, if you feel anxious or if you get mad, do not immediately jump on Facebook and start writing this subject.

8. TALK miscommunications

Finally, if there are communication problems in your relationship, why not dissuade instead of going back and forth on Facebook? Remember, you are always in a relationship and that means you have to talk about things. It is worth girls final.

So, there you have it! Love all my stuff when it comes to Facebook and how you should use Facebook. Remember – you just have to be respectful. So, what advice do you have for others? Shout in the comments!


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