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Tips for decorating paper gift itself

The paper presents original and beautiful is often quite expensive, it may be useful to decorate wrapping paper itself to create a single package and tastes, without having to spend a fortune.

On the occasion of a birthday, a retirement, or even at Christmas time, gifts are part of our everyday life.To pack, or stationers supermarkets offer a wide range of paper for all tastes and styles.However, to be sure to make the unique and original as decorating wrapping paper itself.

Different wrapping paper

  • The choice is vast in range of wrapping paper. There are all colors, pink hearts for girls, blue for boys cars through the colors together. Their materials also vary.
  • Shiny wrapping paper through the paper woven or kraft paper, you’ll be spoiled for choice.However that said choice does not necessarily originality and unity of the paper.
  • The solution: decorate paper gift yourself. It is therefore ideal to choose either a paper gift you want to embellish, or choose plain paper that you can paint or decorate as you wish.

Some tips for a unique gift paper

  • Several options are available to you. You can decorate paper gift simply by adding stickers, small knots or words on your package. For example, choosing a simple paper solid color, you can easily make it your own by decorating it yourself by adding your personal touch.
  • Why, for example, do not write your prettiest write a note. Nodes can be made with rolls bolducs to decorate your gift nicely.
  • To decorate wrapping paper, the most ecological solution is to retrieve magazines where you cut out pictures or photos related to the object or provided according to the tastes of the person who is for the present.
  • To decorate wrapping paper, the main thing is to put your whole heart and you will be sure to address the person who receives it. It will probably be very surprised by the originality of the paper and will be touched that you have taken the time to make him a custom decoration.

Tips for decorating paper gift itself

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